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  • Keto - Supercharge fat burn in ketosis.

  • Low Carb - Lose weight with low calorie meals.

  • Bodybuilding - Build muscle during recovery.

  • Custom - Create your own meal from scratch.

  • Paleo - Eat like our ancestors before food processing.

  • A-La-Carte - Balanced meals. Customize with extra protein or low carb...

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How Many Calories Should I Eat Per Day?

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Goal: For Weight Loss

To lose weight you should create a calorie deficit in your diet. For optimal health aim to lose 1lb of body fat per week.
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Goal: To Maintain Weight

To maintain weight you should eat the calories you burn each day. To calculate your calorie consumption use the calculator on the side.
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Goal: To Gain Weight

To gain weight you should create a calorie surplus in your diet.
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Proven Results!

MealPro has helped thousands of customers lose weight and gain muscle. See how customer Will used MealPro to lose 40lbs of fat while packing on 5lb on lean muscle.

"I found it very difficult to find a company that offered at least 60g – 80g of protein per meal. MealPro’s a-la-carte extra protein came very close so I decided to try them. And it wasn’t just like getting protein at the expense of taste and having a bunch of filler ingredients. My favorite is the chicken tenders because they are not fried. The mashed potato and corn feels like an indulgence meal but it’s so healthy."
- Customer Will, former pro squash player

Read Will's full transformation story here.

Fitness Meal Delivery Testimonial

Will Lost 40lbs of fat and gained 5lb of muscle using MealPro's fitness meals.

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Reach your goals FASTER with chef crafted and nutritionist designed meals delivered to your door. You shouldn’t have to compromise between food that tastes good and food that’s good for your health. Our chefs create high-quality dishes from scratch following nutritionist guidelines for a variety of nutrition goals. Choose from one of our fitness meal plans below:

Bodybuilding Meal Plan

Fuel your workouts and build muscle during recovery.

  • 70+ grams protein per meal.

  • 1000 calories per meal.

  • 2 lb portions (cooked food weight).

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Paleo Meal Plan (Whole 30 compliant)

Eat how our caveman ancestors ate before modern food processing.

  • Grass-fed proteins, sustainably caught.

  • Root vegetables for carbs.

  • Excludes all grains and legumes.

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Keto Meal Plan

Cut carbs as low as possible and decrease your appetite with satiating healthy fats and nutrient-dense protein.

  • 7%-11% of calories from carbs.

  • 60%+ of calories from healthy fats.

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400 Calorie Meals

Balanced meals with a protein, vegetable side, served with a side of starches or carbohydrates. Meals are portion controlled and calorie counted.

  • 400 calorie meals.

  • Include a protien, vegetable and a starch.

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Low Carb Meal Plan

Limits starchy foods, fats, sugars. Provides a variety of protein-rich whole foods and fiber-rich vegetables.

  • Zero sugar and very low carb, low calorie

  • ~300 calories & ~10g of carbs per meal.

  • Great for HCG Phase 2.

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Meals backed by science and crafted by chefs

Menu planning starts from our registered dietitians, who curate macro-perfect meals for each diet type. Our chefs then prepare your fitness meal plans following RD guidelines by using high quality, natural ingredients that provide you full flavor.

In summary, you get science-backed fitness meals delivered crafted by chefs. This prevents diet burnout with macro-optimized dishes that taste so good, you will not believe they are healthy.

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Why Choose MealPro's Fitness Meal Delivery?

Sure, you could hire a dietitian and a chef to plan and cook the menu to meet your needs, but that could get costly. We have a better idea - nutritious, home-cooked meals delivered to your door. Our full offering of fitness meal plans are crafted based on few, clear guidelines:

Portioned According To Fitness Goals.

We take portion control seriously with macro perfect dishes, no matter which menu you choose! All food is weighed and portioned out to perfection so you can hit your target macros daily.

All Plans Follow Science Backed Nutrition.

Our protein-packed recipes have been developed by credentialed experts who know how to support your fitness goals while improving health.

Chef Crafted Fitness Meals With Quality Ingredients.

Our fitness meal delivery service only uses natural ingredients. We sure quality protein from selected farms, and we never add artificial ingredients nor preservatives.

Most Affordable Fitness Meal Delivery On Market.

We streamlined the farm-to-fork supply chain by investing in our own fleet of refrigerated trucks. This enables us to purvey ingredients directly from farmers, eliminating middle man markups - passing the savings on to you.

View Fitness Meal Plan Options All Meals are Chef Prepared. Say hello to flavor!

Get started today with our delicious fitness meal prep delivery service. Immediately save time on grocery shopping, prepping and cooking. Enjoy tasty and affordable fitness food deliered to your door!

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