Delivery Questions:

MealPro delivers to the United States (All 50 states including Alaska & Hawaii) and parts of Canada (British Columbia).

For members on recurring orders delivery is on the day you set in your account. For customers not on recurring orders delivery takes around 1-3 business days per the time zone of your address:

  • US Pacific: We ship Monday-Thursday, and deliver Tuesday-Friday.

  • US East, Mountain, Central, Canada: We ship Monday-Tuesday and deliver Wed-Saturday.

Your order’s shipping cost will depend on your delivery area. For select states, your order of 20 meals is availble for FREE shipping. For all other states, you may calculate your shipping cost by entering your address in the checkout page, and viewing the “Delivery Charge” under your order review.

Whenever possible we advise our customers to refrigerate or freeze your meals upon arrival. However, your order will be packed with enough coolant and insulation to keep your meals fresh if they remain on your doorstep for until the end of the day. MealPro leverages weather-watch technology to monitor outside temperatures and uses this information to adjust quantities of coolant used to make sure your meals always arrive in optimal condition.

Yes. You may freely use a commercial address for your order’s delivery – be sure to include the specific office/suite number where applicable. Please be aware: your order may be delivered after 5pm, in which cases a commercial address may not be deliverable. Use your best judgement when selecting which address works best for shipping.

Packaging Questions:

Your meals are meticulously packed in a corrugated cardboard box with thermal lining and cardboard partitioning. To ensure maximal freshness, your order is packed with gel packs, and/or dry ice to keep your meals cool in transit.

Your pre-cooked and pre-portioned meals are individually vacuum sealed in recyclable plastic trays that are moisture resistant, oven, and microwave-safe. Vacuum sealing is the best method for quality retention since it locks in juices and moisture keeping maximum freshness.

Our meal trays are designed to make good use of your refrigerator and freezer space. The meal trays are stackable and measure 6.5″ wide × 8″ long × 1.3″ deep. A full order of 20 meals is roughly the size of 2 full grocery bags.

The box and corrugated partitions can be recycled with cardboard.

The thermal liner used to keep your meals at optimal temperature can be reused when you opt-in to our Recapture and Reuse Return Label Program. This method is preferred to recycling since recycling requires items to be cleaned, melted and restructured before they are used again. Reusing goods removes the need for all that energy, costs and materials, making it even more sustainable. Impressive, right?

Learn more on our sustainability and citizenship page.

Storage & Heating Questions:

Store your meals in a refrigerator or a freezer. Each meal has a best-by-date on the label. Generally, for meals you intend to eat within four (4) days, you may store them in the refrigerator. You can extend shelf life by up to 6 weeks by freezing your meals.

You can store your meals in the freezer for a few weeks or in the refrigerator for a few days. Each meal has a label with a specific best-by date and storage instructions.

Puncture the protective film and place your meal in the microwave for 3-5 minutes, stir and repeat until warm. You can also heat your meal in the oven removing the protective film. Your meal trays are oven-safe for up to 30 minutes at 300 degrees.

Ingredient Questions:

We utilize the best ingredients from around the world. Yes! You read that right! The United States simply does not produce a lot of ingredients year-round, and crops follow the sun. So, we source the best from around the world to give you the highest quality meals. When in-season we do have refrigerated trucks that purvey ingredients locally. Please refer to our ingredients page to learn more about the specific ingredients that comprise our meals.

Each meal’s portion size is indicated in cooked food weight on its respective nutrition facts. Your serving size is dependent on your personal caloric needs.

Ordering Questions:

Yes. Also, we make it clear that you are opting-in to recurring orders when you do so. There is a section inside of your customer account where you can opt-in to recurring orders. Every order is otherwise a one-time order by default if no preference is specified.

The smallest order quantity is one meal plan. One meal plan has 18 or 20 meals. This quantity provides our customers with the lowest possible delivery cost, and is how we can offer the lowest price per cooked food ounce in the industry.
Also, considering we do not make subscriptions mandatory, our meal requirement is one of the lowest in the industry. In select Pacific and Mountain states we may accommodate fewer meals per meal plan. Please contact us so that we may determine if we can accommodate fewer meals in your area.

Our member subscribers enjoy numerous benefits to thank you for your continued loyalty. Only concurrent subscribers receive loyalty points they can spend on exclusive MealPro rewards. You may also cancel at any time, and we make it easy to so. No gimmicks. We rely on high quality food and great service to keep you coming back!

You can opt-in to recurring orders inside of your MealPro account, by navigating to the ‘Recurring Orders’ tab and selecting your preferred order frequency. Your account is generated when you make your first purchase. You will receive email instructions to login to your account after your first purchase.

You may freely choose your order frequency from weekly up to monthly, available under the ‘Recurring Orders’ tab in your customer dashboard.

To change the meals you receive, please login to your MealPro account and navigate to the ‘Meal Preferences’ tab in your customer dashboard. You can adjust which meals you receive and conveniently save your preferences. To change the frequency of your recurring orders, navigate to the ‘Recurring Orders’ tab and select your preferred frequency. Be sure press the corresponding ‘Save’ button to update your preferences.

Billing takes place the day the order is received. For example: if you ordered on a Wednesday and were on a 7 day subscription you would be billed every Wednesday. Any changes to the existing plan or the delivery frequency need to be received before your next order is generated.

Account Questions:

Once your first order is placed, you will be emailed login instructions for your account. If you did not receive an email, please check your junk or spam folder. Additionally, please white-list the emails ‘[email protected]’ and ‘[email protected]’ to ensure proper email correspondence from us.

Your account shows your current and past orders with available tracking information. It also allows you to change the meal selection for your next order, update your address, payment method, and much more.

Payment Questions:

We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover. If you have an international credit card you can contact customer service to receive a PayPal invoice.

No. In most cases, you do not pay additional taxes on your purchase.

All your payments are process through Authorize.net. See our accreditation emblem below:

More Questions?

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