Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to the United States and Canada through a network of food facilities and partners across the nation.

How much is shipping?

Shipping depends on your location and your proximity to one of our production facilities across the US. We only charge you, the customer what we are charged by the delivery couriers.

How do my meals arrive?

Your meals are delivered in a corrugated box with thermal liner and cool-packs so your meals stay chilled. Each meal is packaged in a recyclable and microwave/oven-safe food tray so all you have to do is heat and enjoy.

Are there bulk discounts?

Yes. If you opt-in to recurring orders you receive rewards points. For every dollar you spend you earn one rewards point. You can apply your rewards points for free meals inside of your customer account.

What are rewards points?

When you eat with MealPro you earn rewards points for every dollar you spend. You can then redeem your rewards points inside of your account for merchandise or free meals.

Does the menu rotate?

Yes. To keep fresh flavors on your table the meals rotate reguarly. Vegetables rotate every week and you have new protein and seafood options every quarter.

Are the meals pre-cooked?

Yes. Your healthy meals are pre-cooked and are served in microwave and oven safe containers. Just heat and enjoy.

How should I store my meals?

Store your meals in the fridge and enjoy within 4-5 days. If frozen enjoy within 3-4 weeks.

When do my meals arrive?

Around 2-5 days. Unlike other companies we make the meals in small batches and we have a just in time ingredient purveyor. As soon as you place your order your ingredients are sourced (1 day extra for fresh seafood). The chefs cook your meals fresh and immediately send them out for delivery to you.

How do I get a MealPro account?

On your first purchase your account is automatically generated so you can:

  • Checkout faster on your next visit
  • Browse your order history and check statuses of recent orders
  • Redeem your rewards points for free meals
  • Opt in/out of recurring orders

Is there a money back policy?

Yes! If there is anything wrong with the product we will try our best to fix it or your money back.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our secure checkout utilizes the payment gateway and accepts Visa, Discover, and MasterCard. For international credit cards you can contact our friendly customer care agents and pay with PayPal.

More Questions?

Our friendly customer service team is happy to answer all your quetions

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