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How MealPro Works

Eating healthy with MealPro is easy and affordable

Select the meals you like - No fixed menu

Unlike other meal prep services, MealPro has no fixed menus. You always pick the meals you like. We have great variety and a rotating menu.

Customize your meals

Many of our customers switch to MealPro because we offer well portioned meals. Depending on your diet or on your preference, you can decide if you want extra protein, no carbs, more veggies, etc. Customize your meals on the menu page.

Affordable prices from under $10

Your tasty meals are made with fresh produce and large quantities of white meat, lean cuts of red meat or fish. Your portion sizes are indicated in cooked food weight and the quantity of healthy food you receive for the price makes MealPro the most affordable meal prep service on the market.

Pre-Cooked and delivered

Your pre-cooked meals are made fresh daily and are delivered to your door. Each meal is plated in a microwave-safe food container and each meal is vacuum-sealed to retain freshness. All your meals are delivered in a corrugated box with a special thermal liner and dry ice to make sure your meals are in optimal condition.

Buy once or subscribe

You decide if you want your meal box one time or on a recurring basis. At checkout our system will generate your customer account and you can opt in to recurring orders.

Earn rewards points

If you choose to use our recurring service, you will earn rewards points for every purchase. You can then redeem your rewards points for free meals. Rewards points are like a bulk discount for subscribers.

When do my meals arrive?

For member subscribers, your healthy meals will arrive on your scheduled day. If you are not a member yet, your delivery takes approximately 2-4 days per the time zone of your address:

  • US Pacific and Mountain: We ship and deliver daily.

  • US Central and East: We ship Monday-Tuesday and deliver Wednesday-Friday.

  • Canadian British Columbia: We ship and deliver daily.

Delivered in Thermal Boxes

MealPro delivers all your meals in recycled corrugated boxes with a thermal liner for optimal nutrient retention

Thermal liner for temperature retention

Secure packaging to be leak proof

Dry ice to keep your meals at temperature

Special reinforced and weatherproof cardboard

Your Box Features:

  • Thermal liner for optimal temperature retention
  • Special reinforced and weatherproof cardboard
  • A pack of dry ice to keep your meals at temperature

Use Your Account to Track Deliveries

On your first purchase you will be emailed instructions to sign into your account.

Use your MealPro account to:

The MealPro account dashboard makes it easy for you to manage your rewards points and delivery preferences

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