Delicious Paleo meals delivered to your door

Paleo Meals Delivered To Your Door

Pre-cooked meals for your caveman diet

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Many Tasty Paleo Meal Options

Here are Some Popular Paleo Meals

Paleo food ready to be eaten on a plate

Customizable paleo meals delivered

Your tasty meal plan is completely customizable. These Paleo meals have many vegetables and These meals have only lean protein sources. These include different proteins from meat, beans and grains. You can also get.

Customize Your Meals
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Paleo meal plans delivered

Sub the carbs for cauliflower rice, grains, and only get the carbs from greens like broccoli or other vegetable sources.

Build Your Meal Plan
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High protein paleo meals

Let us do the portioning for you. All of the meals are carefully weighed. To find your recommended portion size complete the Paleo analysis form above.

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The Jury Is Still Out On The Merits Of The Paleo Diet

It is tempting to put your diet in line with the evolutionary origins of our current genetics, even though our world has changed a lot. You can start by balancing protein, fats, and carbs as well as increasing vitamin consumption. This is exactly what we do at MealPro with our healthy meals delivered that are cooked to enhance nutrient retention and immediately blast frozen. Check out our paleo food delivered, enjoy the quality!

All About Healthy Variety

Our Paleo meal plan includes lean white fish, high omega-3 salmon, clean low-sodium meat and high fiber fresh veggies. Our food is cooked with all natural ingredients, our recipes are by expert cooks.

How Much Prep Time?

A Paleo diet requires a lot of planning and preparation time. If you are too busy for that, MealPro can help you with Paleo meals delivered to your door, ready to heat and serve. Our meals are frozen right after cooking, portioned and sealed.

MealPro Paleo Foods Delivered
Not Your Average Paleo World ...

Exercise is Key for the Live-by-your-Genetics Mantra

MealPro is a meal prep company for fitness-minded people and sport enthusiasts that are looking for low carb food delivered to achieve their goals. Our low carb foods are ideal for you to shed those extra pounds.

Burning up to 4,000 Cal

Hunter-gatherers who chased antelopes and fought off wolves and leopards needed all the food they could find. Try our ready made Paleo food delivered to your door.

Fuel for your Exercise

If you, too, want to build up your body to be ready for that level of intensity, you need to support your effort with healthy food ready made. Check out the MealPro Paleo meal plan.

Paleo Meals Delivered
Train Like a Hunter

Pre-Portioned and Pre-Cooked Paleo Meals Delivered.

Did you know that MealPro can help you save over 8 hours per week? Let us do all the shopping, cooking, cleaning and food portioning.You just get ready made Paleo meals delivered to your door.

Paleo Meal Prep

Get only lean cuts of meat to give you the benefits of protein without fat or cholesterol

Fresh Food Ingredients

Our chefs purvey the highest quality ingredients to bring you the highest possible quality

Nutritionist Designed Meals

Your Paleo meals delivered are made by nutritionists to make sure all amino acids and nutrients are in your low fat food.

Paleo Food Program

Get many Paleo meals options to chose from when you customize your low cal food bundle and get the Paleo meal plan delivered.

Our premade meals are delivered in a cooled container, keeping the food fresh
Your Paleo food is cooked daily and delivered quickly

Get rewards for Paleo meals delivered

Eat Paleo meals and earn rewards points! MealPro is the only low cal meal prep service on the market that gives you more benefits on top of Paleo count. When you purchase any diet meal you get rewards points. You can redeem your rewards points for:

Nutrition Plan Supplements

Healthy nutrition plan supplements like fish oil and multi-vitamins.

MealPro Fitness Food Merchandise

Get your choice of varous merchandise items with your next food delivery.

Free Paleo Meals

Accumulate rewards poitns and redeem them for low carb meal plans and other meal bundles.

On Sale Low Cal Meals

You can also use your food rewards points for on sale items.

Earn rewards eating tasty Paleo meals