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Healthy paleo Meals Delivered

MealPro's specializes in affordable and healthy paleo meals delivered. This diet plan is designed to resemble what human hunter-gatherer ancestors ate thousands of years ago. Our paleolithic meal plan follows a whole food-based diet which can lead to weight loss and general health improvements without calorie counting. Our varied menu offers you many different healthy paleo meal delivery options that are made using only whole ingredients. You can combine the ingredients in any way you like to make your custom meal plan.

MealPro specializes in healthy paleo food delivery

The paleolithic pyramid. Amongst other types of diets MealPro specializes in providing you with a healthy paleo meal prep options (also known as the caveman diet). MealPro lets you simplify your diet with high-protein paleo meals. Each nutritious meal includes fresh veggies, lean proteins and healthy fats. These low calorie and high protein meals support weight loss without sacrificing good nutrition.

  • Natural & Whole Ingredients

    Your vegetables are sourced directly from the farm (nutritional value is highest when the vegetables are picked and gradually decreases after that) and are so fresh they are high in nutrients like fiber for digestive healthy. Fiber will also keep you feeling full for longer and will prevent those mid-day cravings. On the protein side, your meats are 90% lean or greater, so you get more protein per calorie.

  • Cooked Meals - No Water Weight

    All portion sizes are listed in cooked food weight. When you purchase 1lb of chicken that is 1lb of cooked, boneless and skinless chicken - no water weight. Every day, our chefs take great care in the preparation of your ingredients - the chefs chop vegetables, and prepare all the meats starting with high quality, fresh ingredients use cooking techniques that optimize nutrient retention. On the protein side, the chefs use marinades to keep your meats tender while also adding zero calorie seasonings for a tasty savory flavor profile.

  • Many Paleo Meal Plan Options

    Customize your paleo meal plan from the menu. Let us do all the portioning for you. All your ingredients are carefully weighed and are portioned in microwave safe meal prep containers. This means you receive a completely custom caveman diet plan with your ideal nutrition that is easy to be served and enjoyed.

  • Customize Portions and Nutrition on the Menu Page

    You can build your meal from scratch, purchase ingredients by the pound or you can customize one of the meals from the menu to suit your needs. This service is flexible so you can have optimal nutrition delivered straight to you.

More Information About the paleo Diet Plan

This paleo meal pep plan is a modern approach to eating that resembles the diet of our paleolithic ancestors. Adherence to a paleolithic meal plan is rooted in the thought that modern-day diets can strongly contribute to health concerns like high blood pressure and uncontrolled blood sugar. Supporters of the paleolithic food plan believe that our DNA and basic nutrition needs have not changed much since the paleolithic era, so our eating habits should not either. Thus, we should be consuming only foods that were available to our hunter-gatherer predecessors.

What are the paleo diet plan benefits? Adhering to the paleo diet plan may give you improved sleep patterns, decrease sugar crashes (fewer headaches), decrease inflammation, and sustained energy throughout the day.

What can I eat on paleo? Meats (steak, beef, poultry, pork, lamb, goat, veal...), fish and shellfish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, oils (coconut oil, avocado), paleo drinks (water, coffee without cream or sugar, unsweetened teas, coconut water, bone broth).

What can't I eat on paleo? Dairy, Grains, No peanut butter, and soy-based foods, refined sugars, no soft drinks and sodas, avoid all other processed food ingredients.

How does the paleo diet plan affect my body? Because a Paleo diet encourages higher intakes of fresh fruits and vegetables, heart-healthy nuts and seeds, fish, and lean meats and restricts foods high in added sugars, trans fats, and processed ingredients, it can be one way to improve nutrition intake and support health when included as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

How Our Easy paleo Meal Delivery Service Works

Getting healthy paleo meals delivered with MealPro is easy. We have streamlined 3-stage "farm to fork" supply chain. We do the sourcing and cooking. Your healthy meals are delivered to your door at your residence or place of work.

MealPro's paleo meal prep service is ready to be enjoyed.

Order through our secure website. We cook and portion. Your meal plan arrives already cooked at your door. Every meal has slightly different heating instructions on the label, however they are all pretty easy: place your meals in the microwave and heat until warm. You can store the your tasty paleo meals in a fridge or freezer.

  1. Choose from the menu or customize your healthy paleo meal plan.

    Customize your portion sizes, and add proteins or veggies. Order fresh, delicious, tasty meals in our secure website. Meat, fish and vegan options.

  2. Get paleo meals delivered to your door anywhere in the nation.

    We cook all your caveman meals fresh and deliver your healthy food to your door. We deliver to both residential and commercial ares so you can have home or work delivery.

  3. Heat and Enjoy. Your tasty paleo meals are ready in 5min.

    Enjoy your healthy paleo meals and keep your diet on point! Heat up your meals (microwave or oven) for a quick and healthy meal without the fuss of planning, prepping or cooking.

More on our service

Get paleo meals delivered that are made with natural ingredients

Our paleo food delivery company, our main goal is to make you feel like the best version of yourself and transform your nutritional life, without the hassle of cooking. Here is how we go about sourcing and preparing the best ingredients:

Fresh ingredients: We start by sourcing high-quality produce. Whole foods are naturally nutrient-dense, meaning they’re packed with all the vitamins & minerals you need without excess calories or artificial ingredients. Think fresh veggies, low glycemic vegetables, high fiber legumes and protein-packed cuts of meat. Your meats are 90% lean or greater, so you get more protein per calorie. You’ll recognize every ingredient on the label. Each meal is nutritionally-designed to support a healthy, active lifestyle. Chia seeds and ancient grains, These are just some of the incredible, phytonutrient-rich superfoods we use to supercharge your meals and your performance.

Prepared for nutrient retention: Some methods of cooking destroy nutrients instead of preserving them. At MealPro, our culinary experts are trained and have equipment to steam vegetables to make sure they maintain their nutritional value.

Delicious paleo meals delivered: The best part? Nutritious, quick meals can be delicious. Instead of using artificial flavors or processed ingredients, our professional chefs infuse their dishes with fresh herbs & spices which are packed with inflammation-fighting, immunity-boosting antioxidants. Just genuine ingredients and their natural detectable flavors.

Buy Once or Get paleo Meals Delivered on a Recurring Basis

By default, every order is a one time order. Many customers choose to stick to their paleo diet for a period of time and put their meals on auto pilot. You can sign up for recurring orders inside of your account. You will be emailed your account login instructions after your first purchase.

On your first purchase, you will be emailed instructions to login to your account. Your MealPro account is a place where you can track your order, update your food preferences, and you can manage every aspect of your paleo meal delivery.

Customers who opt-in earn rewards points for every purchase and can redeem rewards to get free paleo meal delivery. Regimented deliveries, and you also start earning rewards points that you can redeem for free meals. When you receive your food delivery box, simply place your ready-to-eat meals directly in the refrigerator. When you are hungry, just heat and enjoy! The dishes will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 7 days, but always check the "Best By” date.

Who Is This paleo Diet Plan Delivery Service For?

When you get your tasty paleo meals delivered through our service, you are getting the highest quality ingredients. Our chefs cook prepared your food fresh daily. The combination of nutritional science and artisan culinary techniques makes MealPro one of the best meal delivery services for the caveman diet. This healthy paleo meal delivery company is perfect for you if:

You don't settle for a standard meal - you expect the portion sizes and nutrition in your meal to be adjusted to you.

You are a clean eater dedicated to wholesome foods - or want to be.

You want to get back in shape and need a healthy paleo food plan delivery service that supports you.

You have a demanding schedule and you have no time to shop, cook and portion your meals.

You refuse to eat bland diet food at high prices. You expect your food to taste delicious, be affordable, and be healthy for you.

Why Get paleo Meals Delivered?

Save time

No more waiting in line at the grocery store, or driving to get take out. With MealPro's healthy paleo meals delivered you get healthy food that is tasty and is actually good for you. All without the fuss of cooking.

Enjoy eating & prevent diet burnout

The chefs add zero calorie spices to make your eating experience enjoyable (spices are listed in the ingredient section of the menu page). This prevents diet burnout and keeps fresh and exciting flavors on your table.

Feel great

Your diet will be on point. In addition, a portion of each sale goes to fund meals for the hunger banquet where children and families in need are served a warm meal twice daily. By purchasing from MealPro you are helping yourself and others eat healthy.

Save money

Cut out the waste and get some affordable paleo meal prep. Also, with MealPro's tasty paleo meals delivered you earn rewards points. Rewards points are like a bulk discount for our best customers. MealPro is one of the only food delivery companies that offers you this benefit. We think you deserve it.

Reviews of this healthy paleo Food Delivery Company

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Good price and nutrient value

"Best prices and nutritional value. Every time I look down at my meal there's great nutritional value. I'm always happy about taking a bite."

- Jaime, Account Manager
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Easy food delivery!

"I love that it's so customizable. For me, this is ideal! It allows me to stay on track and I always look forward to my next meal so it's food as it should be."

- Lindsey, Health Care
Five Star Review Icon

Super convenient and tasty

"I love not having to go to the grocery store. Also, I like the flexibility of having my healthy food to go. The meals taste fresh and are delicious."

- Alex, Law Enforcement

Get your healthy paleo meals delivered today. This delicious paleo diet plan delivery service makes everything so easy. Immediately save time on grocery shopping, prepping and cooking. Enjoy tasty and affordable paleo food delivered to your door!

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