Most Tender Oven Roasted Ribs Recipe

Chef Dan Catanio , On January 18, 2024


Dry Rub Roasted Ribs Recipe Card

Recipe Description

Savor the exquisite flavors of robust, dry-rubbed roasted ribs. Succulent pork ribs combined with a harmonious blend of premium spices–a simple, tasty twist on a timeless barbecue staple. There are two types of pork ribs you can use for this recipe:
The Loin Back ribs (also known as baby back ribs) that tend to be a little bit more expensive, but are more tender or…
The St Louis ribs, which are closer to the shoulder and tend to be a little bit tougher.

Recipe Ingredients

dry rub roasted ribs Recipe Ingredients

The ingredients you’ll need for dry rub ribs.

  • Pork Ribs (Full or Half Rack)

  • Dry Rub Mix:

  • Cumin 1tsp

  • Salt 1tsp

  • Pepper 1tsp

  • Onion Powder 1tsp

  • Cayenne Pepper Powder 1tsp

  • Brown Sugar 1tsp

  • Creole Seasoning 1tsp

Kitchen Tools

Tools Needed to Make this dry rub roasted ribs Recipe

This suspension style oven rack is perfect for evenly roasting ribs.

  • Oven Roasting Rack

  • Roasting Pan

  • Measuring Spoons/Cups

  • Cutting Board

  • Chef’s Knife

  • Culinary Thermometer

Step-by-Step Cooking Directions

  1. Make your dry rub seasoning mix. Simply combine each of the dry spices and ingredients in a small bowl, and mix well. This dry rub is not shelf stable, as the brown sugar will begin to clump together, so do not store this particular type of dry rub for later use. Alternatively, there are many pre-packaged dry rub mixtures available should you want a shelf stable option.

    mixed dry rub seasoning

    Fully incorporate your dry rub seasoning ingredients.

  2. Briefly rinse with cold water, and pat dry your ribs if they came from plastic packaging. If the ribs came in butcher paper, you may start coating them with the dry rub mix. Coat the ribs generously with your dry rub mixture, using your fingers to “rub” the seasoning into the various crevices of the rib rack. These seasonings will create a tasty crust on the exterior of the ribs during cooking.

    Rubbing the seasoning into the ribs imparts them with the most flavor possible.

  3. Preheat your oven to 375º, and prepare the ribs for cooking with the oven rack. With a suspension rack such as the one pictured, the meat is evenly cooked from all directions. Simply pierce ribs with the “spikes” of the rack to hold them in place. If you elect to roast these ribs on a tray or flat rack, consider flipping the ribs midway through the cooking process. This allows the rib rack to cook more evenly on both sides.

    seasoned ribs on oven rack

    Once you’ve seasoned the ribs, they are ready for hanging on the rack and cooking.

  4. The ribs should take 50-60 minutes to fully cook. Use a thermometer in the centermost part of the rib rack to ensure the proper cooked temperature of 145º (62.8C). Be sure to flip the rib rack midway through cooking if you’ve elected to use a flat cooking medium, such as a roasting pan or flat rack.

    seasoned ribs in oven

    Cook these ribs at 375º for 50-60 minutes.

  5. After removing from the oven, allow the ribs to cool for 15 minutes. You may use a chef’s knife to cut portions of the rack to serve, or you can cut each individual rib, halfway between the rib bones.

    cooked ribs chopped on cutting board

    When each rib is cut from the rack, they make a great handheld dish.

  6. Serve and enjoy. The dry rub seasoning will have created a flavorful crust, while the pork itself maintains a more natural flavor. Other types of seasonings that go well with roasted ribs recipe include a Montreal steak seasoning, or a cajun seasoning depending on your preference.

    dry rub roasted ribs plated garnished

    The oven rack is perfect for evenly roasting these dry rub ribs.

Suggestions for Servings and Sides

Dry Rub Roasted Ribs go well with any barbecue style meal you’re preparing. Try a potato egg salad for a classic pairing. For a more unique and low calorie option, a lemon parmesan kale salad may be perfect.

Chef Dan Catanio

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