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The Only Steak Temperature Chart You’ll Ever Need

Chef Shannon Lawler , On August 5, 2023


Steak Doneness Guide Overview

Say you purchased a high-end cut of meat for steak with great marbling, and now you need to decide what temperature to cook it at. Personal preferences vary widely, spanning from rare to well done and every shade in between. For this experiment, I butchered a ribeye roll and portioned it into steaks and then pan seared my ribeye steaks to five different levels of doneness showing you the outcome.

Comparing Steak Doneness levels

Below are the five ribeye steaks cooked to different levels of doneness. This side-by-side steak doneness comparisons were taken after cooking the meat in a cast iron pan. The minutes indicated below each steak doneness level is the time for one side.


Side-by-Side Steak Doneness Comparison

Steak Temperature

Doneness Level


120° F


2 1/2 Min Per Side

130° F

Medium Rare

3 1/2 Min Per Side

140° F


4 Min Per Side

150° F

Medium Well

5 Min Per Side

160° F

Well Done

6 Min Per Side

Steak Doneness Temperature Chart Video

In this video I sliced the ribeye steaks in half to and stacked them to give you a better view of the steak doneness levels.

Internal Steak Temperature Cooking Table

What internal temperature should steak be cooked to? Use an instant read thermometer to check the temperature of your steak. Here is a picture of ribeye steaks sliced and stacked with rare at the top and well done at the bottom.


Steaks sliced stacked from rare at the top to well done at the bottom

Rare 115-120 ° Farenheit

Medium rare 125-130° Farenheit

Medium done 130-135° Farenheit

Mid well 140-145° Farenheit

Well done 150° Farenheit – charcoal

How to Determine Steak Doneness Levels

To determine the doneness of the steak, use your cooking thermometer to place it in the center thickest part of the steak until it reaches appropriate temperature. Be mindful that the steak keeps cooking after you remove it from the grill or pan.


Use a meat thermometer to see the temperature of the steak.

Chef Shannon Lawler

Chef Shannon is a Le Cordon Bleu graduate and classically trained chef. She revolutionized culinary education by establishing a program that introduced on-site gardens, innovative curriculum, and 70% plant-based menus, while also promoting sustainability through recycling initiatives. Her impact is felt globally since she traveled to prestigious institutions across the US and Asia disseminating her cuisine. She now uses her expertise to teach people about cooking, valuing the profound link between food, and health.