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How to Cut a Whole Ribeye Roll into Steaks

Chef Shannon Lawler , On August 5, 2023


Today, I will show you how to butcher a whole ribeye roll into portioned steaks. This simple but yet rewarding process not only allows you to save on cost per pound, but also grants you the freedom to customize your steaks into thicker cuts of meat. Remember to save the scraps since they make for great beef skewers or for a delicious beef stew.

The three main parts of the ribeye roll are the cap, the eye (center point) and the actual steaks.

Kitchen Tools Needed to Cut a Whole Ribeye Roll into Steak

Video Guide of How to Process a Whole Ribeye Roll into Steaks

How to Cut a Whole Ribeye Roll into Steaks Instructions

  1. First, identify the three main parts of the ribeye roll, which is the cap, the eye (center point) and the actual steak. This will help ease the process of cutting the ribeye roll.

  2. Place the whole ribeye roll on the cutting board with the fat cap facing up. The fat cap is the layer of fat on one side of the ribeye roll.

  3. Use your sharp knife to carefully make a cut along the fat and meat of the ribeye roll. Once you have made a cut along the fat and meat, you should be able to carefully pull back the fat cap that is layered on top of the meat to expose the layers underneath.

  4. Remove Cap Layer

    Cut Along the Fat and Meat to Separate the Fat Cap Layer.

  5. Once most of the cap section is peeled back, fully separate the fat from the meat using a knife to be left with the actual ribeye steak section from the ribeye roll. (Be sure to save the cap section as it contains some meat that can be reserved for other dishes such as a beef stir-fry or beef skewers).

    Separate Fat

    Fully Separate the Cap from the Meat.

  6. Now, using your sharp knife, carefully separate the ribeye steaks by cutting between the ribs. The thickness of the steak is a matter of personal preference but around an inch or more thickness is recommended for better cooking results.

  7. Cut Ribeye Steak

    Cut Between the Ribs to Get Your Individual Ribeye Steaks.

Cutting a Whole Ribeye Roll into Steak Notes

  • Butchering meat requires sharp knives and precision, so make sure to exercise caution and take your time ensuring your safety and quality of the final product.

  • Once you have cut all the ribeye roll into portioned steaks, pat them dry with paper towels and package them for storage. You can wrap each steak individually in plastic wrap, then place them in airtight containers or freezer bags. They can be stored in a refrigerator for about 5 days or up to 6 months in the freezer.

  • Wrap Steak

    Individually Wrap the Steak, Label, and Store in Freezer.

Now that you have your ribeye steaks portioned you can pan-sear the steaks, and serve with a steakhouse compound butter over the top for a burst of flavor.

Chef Shannon Lawler

Chef Shannon is a Le Cordon Bleu graduate and classically trained chef. She revolutionized culinary education by establishing a program that introduced on-site gardens, innovative curriculum, and 70% plant-based menus, while also promoting sustainability through recycling initiatives. Her impact is felt globally since she traveled to prestigious institutions across the US and Asia disseminating her cuisine. She now uses her expertise to teach people about cooking, valuing the profound link between food, and health.