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High Protein Bodybuilding Meatball Recipe for Bulking

Chef Dan Catanio , On November 27, 2022


High Protein Bodybuilding Meatball Recipe for Muscle Building

Recipe Description for Bodybuilder Meatball Meal Prep

Gain more muscle with meal prepped bodybuilder meatballs. Low-fat, protein-rich meatballs are a simple recipe you can meal prep weekly with minimal time and effort. Combined with al-dente pasta and marinara sauce, these bodybuilder meatballs make it easy to hit your macros with pre-portioned servings.

Each 2oz meatball will contain about 111 calories comprised of 11.5g of protein, 5g of carbohydrates, and 5g of fat. This bodybuilding meal prep recipe makes 8 meatballs.

Bodybuilder Meatball Meal Prep from Scratch Recipe Ingredients

Recipe Ingredients for bodybuilder meatballs

Recipe ingredients for bodybuilder meatballs.

  • Bread Crumbs ½C

  • Lean Ground Turkey 16oz

  • Black Pepper 2tsp

  • Kosher Salt 2tsp

  • Granulated Garlic 2tsp

  • Oregano, Parsley 2tsp each

Kitchen Tools for Meal Prepping Bodybuilder Meatballs from Scratch

Tools Needed to Make this bodybuilder meatball meal prep Recipe

Kitchen tools for bodybuilder meatballs.

  • Mixing Bowl

  • Measuring Cups/Spoons

  • Food-Safe Nitrile Gloves

  • Baking Sheet

  • Wooden Spoon or Spatula

  • Tongs

How to Make Bodybuilder Meatballs from Scratch Recipe Step-by-Step Cooking Directions

  1. First, preheat your oven to 350º. In your mixing bowl, place 16oz lean ground turkey, ½C breadcrumbs, and 2tsp of salt, black pepper, parsley, and oregano. Next put on your food-safe nitrile gloves, and fully incorporate these ingredient by kneading the mixture for 1-2 minutes. Once the ingredients are adequately mixed, segment the meatball mixture into 8 equal-sized portions.

    meatball mixture for bodybuilding meatball meal prep

    Hand mix the ingredients fully.

  2. Roll and shape each segment between the palms of your gloved hands to create 8 spherical, uniform meatballs. Then place each on your baking sheet with at least 1″ of space between each meatball. Remove and dispose of the gloves, place the baking sheet into your oven, and set your kitchen timer for 20 minutes.

    Pro tip: Lay a sheet of parchment paper onto the baking sheet first to reduce cleanup.

    Place meatballs on a baking rack.

  3. Clean any surfaces that came in contact with the raw meatball mixture, and wash your hands. After 20 minutes, check the meatballs by pulling the oven rack out with an oven mitt. With tongs flip each meatball onto its other side, then back into the oven for another 20 minutes. The meatballs are ready when their interior temperature reaches 165º.

    Bake these bodybuilder meatballs for 40 minutes at 350º.

  4. You can enjoy these bodybuilder meatballs hot and fresh, or you can store them as a meal prep ingredient. For storage, allow them to cool completely before refrigerating or freezing. These meatballs will last 2-3 days in a refrigerator, and 6-8 weeks in a freezer.

    Enjoy the meatballs over pasta with sauce or any Italian inspired dish.

Ideas and Suggestions for this Bodybuilder Meatball Meal Prep Recipe

This bodybuilder meatball meal prep recipe is inspired by classic Italian cuisine flavors. They are enhanced when accompanied by al-dente pasta and marinara sauce. But if you require a lower carb variation, you may serve cooled meatballs over a bed of mixed greens salad. Consistently hitting your macros can be challenging for busy bodybuilders. Meal prepping these meatballs can help, but you can also try bodybuilding meals delivered direct to your doorstep for ultra ease and convenience.

Chef Dan Catanio

A Culinary Institute of America graduate from the 1990s, Chef Dan began his career as a saucier at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan under the Hilton Corporation. Over the years, he has held key positions such as Corporate Executive Chef Director at 5-star restaurants, country clubs, and Indian Casino Resorts.