Healthy Butternut Squash Fries Recipe

Chef Dan Catanio , On December 10, 2023


Level: Easy

Time: 30min

Serves: 2 People

Cost: Low

Squash Fries Recipe Overview

Wholesome, crispy, guilt-free butternut squash fries, oven roasted to perfection. A simple but fulfilling snack or side dish that is low in fat.

Kitchen Tools Used In Making The Squash Fries Recipe


Kitchen Tools Used In Making These Squash Fries.

  • Oven tray or basket

  • Vegetable peeler

  • Chef’s knife

  • Spoon

Ingredients For The Squash Fries Recipe


Butternut squash have a recognizable shape, but vary in size.

  • Butternut Squash

  • Kosher salt

  • Black pepper

  • Spices (to taste)

Preparing and Cooking the Squash

  1. Wash your butternut squash, then on a secure cutting board, cut a ¼” off both ends. Safety tip: when cutting large fruits with tough rinds, it’s important to secure the cutting board. This can be done by placing a rubber mat, or alternatively a damp, clean towel underneath your cutting surface. Some cutting boards already have features such as rubber corners to lock them into place while cutting.

  2. Squash cut ends

    Simply cut the ends from your squash.

  3. For this recipe, you will be peeling the squash and disposing of the peels. A fully developed butternut squash has a tough rind that is usually unsuitable for consumption. However, if you are using a petite, young squash, the rind is sometimes thin enough to eat as you can with potatoes.

  4. Squash Fries peeled

    Peel the entire squash, as the rind is too tough for eating.

    Squash Fries peeled

    Bonus points if you compost the peels.

  5. Cut the squash into ¼” to ⅜” spears, approximately 3” in length. Your goal is to cut the squash into a uniform size and shape. This promotes even cooking and produces tender fries with a crispy exterior. If your cut fries vary too much in size, the smaller ones will overcook, and the larger ones may be raw in the middle.

  6. cutting butternut squash

    Take an extra moment to cut each piece the same thickness.

    cutting butternut squash into spears

    Uniformly sized fries cook more evenly.

  7. Put the squash spears into your oven basket (or oven tray). Bake at 395º for 30 minutes. If you elect to cook on a flat tray, it is best to flip the fries about halfway through the cooking process. In this case, temporarily remove the tray from they oven with an oven mitt, then use your spatula to roll each fry onto its opposite side. Be sure to space the fries out equally as well. This creates the ideal cooking environment to achieve tasty, consistent fries.

  8. Squash Fries Oven Basket

    The oven basket is perfect for evenly cooking these fries.

  9. Enjoy these fries immediately for the best texture. Leftovers can be refrigerated for 3-5 days and reheated in an air-fry basket. This dish is a fantastic addition to a gameday snack spread, and goes well with oven baked chicken wings. But if squash fries aren’t your thing, and you still like to eat healthy, try these easy baked yam fries.

  10. squashed fries plated with garnish

    Enjoy these fries with seasonings and/or sauces of your choice.

Chef Dan Catanio

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