Crockpot Pinto Bean Stew Recipe

Chef Dan Catanio , On January 4, 2024


Crockpot Pinto Bean Stew Recipe

Level: Easy

Time: 24hrs

Serves: 4 People

Cost: Low

Crockpot Pinto Bean Stew Recipe Overview

Hassle-free Crockpot Pinto Bean Stew is easy, nutritious, and healthy. This easy, step-by-step guide ensures tender, flavorful beans, packed with protein and fiber. With minimal ingredients and the convenience of a slow cooker, you’ll be treated to a wholesome, comforting meal that practically cooks itself.

Ingredients for This Pinto Stew Recipe

crockpot pinto beans ingredients

Ingredients for this Crockpot Pinto Stew recipe.

  • Raw Pinto Beans – 2C

  • Celery – 2 Stalks

  • Carrot – 1 Large

  • Onion – 1 Medium

  • Garlic – 3 Cloves

  • Tomato – 1C

  • Salt & Pepper – to taste

  • Bell Pepper – 1 (any color)

  • Vegetable Broth – 4C

  • Cumin – 1tsp

  • Smoked Paprika – 1tsp

  • Chili Powder – 1tsp

  • Bay Leaf – 1 large leaf

Kitchen Tools For This Pinto Stew Recipe

crockpot beans kitchen tools

Some of the tools you’ll need for this recipe.

  • Crockpot or Slow cooker

  • Stew ladle

  • Can opener

  • Colander

  • Chef’s knife

  • Wood spoon

  • Vegetable peeler

  • Measuring Cups/Spoons

Cooking Directions for this Pinto Stew Recipe:

  1. Begin the night before by thoroughly washing your raw beans and removing ‘floaters.’ You’ll be submerging the beans in water, and soaking them overnight or for about 12 hours. Soaking the raw beans helps soften them before cooking, but it also purportedly reduces gassiness often associated with eating beans. To minimize gassiness as much as possible, it’s advised you change the water every 3 hours while soaking.

  2. straining washing and soaking the pinto beans

    It’s important to wash and soak your raw beans.

  3. You may elect to prepare your vegetables just prior to cooking the stew, or the night before. Either way, wash the veggies, and dice them in medium or large sizes depending on your preferred texture. a medium dice with produce a creamier, blended stew, while a larger dice creates a heartier, chunky texture. Some chefs prefer to finely mince the onions for their stews to impart the onions’ flavor without their texture.

  4. chopped vegetables for stew

    All veggies should be diced as medium or large.

  5. Before cooking the beans, it’s important to check that they’ve absorbed enough water. To do this, simply slice a few in half, and if the center of the beans look chalky, allow them to soak for another 2 hours, and check again. Once your beans are adequately soaked, rinse and strain them. Then add all your ingredients to the crock, including the beans, vegetables, spices, herbs, tomatoes, and broth. Mix and fully incorporate the ingredients with your wooden spoon.

  6. ingredients added to crockpot

    Add each ingredient to the crock, then fully incorporate.

  7. Cook the stew on ‘Low’ for 8-10 hours imparting the stew with maximal flavor. You may also use the ‘High’ setting for 4-6 hours. Safety tip: Leaving your slow-cooker on overnight or while you’re away from home is generally regarded as safe. However, proper precautions should always be taken when leaving food to cook unattended. Place the slow-cooker on a heat-safe surface with at least 8″ of space on all sides, and completely out from underneath any cabinets. Only run the slow-cooker on a Low heat setting when unattended, and make sure the crock is at least ½-¾ full so the liquid cannot fully evaporate.

  8. simmering pinto stew in crockpot

    Occasionally stir your stew to encourage maximal flavor composition.

  9. Your pinto stew is ready to serve any time after it has simmered for 10 hours. You can serve it to your liking, or allow it to cool for 2 hours before portioning it for storage. If served immediately, the stew is enhanced with the addition of cheddar cheese melted on top, or a dollop of sour cream, accompanied by corn bread, pork ribs, and potato egg salad. Storage tip: when refrigerated, eat this stew within 5 days. If frozen, store in freezer-safe containers for up to 6-8 months.

    crockpot pinto beans plated and garnished

    Your bowl of Crockpot Pinto Beans is a hearty dish.

Chef Dan Catanio

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