MealPro in the Press

Below are news outlets, tv stations, and radio shows citing MealPro’s meal plans. Here they are, listed in no particular order:

Healthline Review

“MealPro makes it easy to enjoy healthy dishes at home, with no cooking required. It allows you to customize meals with extra portions of protein, carbs, or vegetables.”

Huff Post Review

“The ability to customize your meals… say, by doubling the veggies in place of a carb side or buying just veggies or just the protein source… it is a big plus.”

Health.com Review

“Our choice for the best low-cholesterol meal delivery service… an important component of maintaining heart health.”

Medical News Review

“Best subscription-free bodybuilding meal delivery service to offer enough nutrition to help support the body when building muscle.”

Mashed Review

“Best keto meal delivery service to provide nutritious food for this diet… We also took into account the customizability of the meal plans, the quality of the food, and whether they were worth the price.”

Mashed Santa Cruz Sentinel

“MealPro delivers nutritious meals tailored to you… The company’s website allows for customization based on the buyer’s height, weight, gender and fitness goals.”

US News

“To build more muscle, you may need to boost your intake of protein, but don’t forget carbs… You need those too… and carbs shouldn’t be overlooked in the rush to build big muscles. For this and more reasons, MealPro is a top bodybuilding meal plan delivery option.”

Sac Biz Journal

“Meal delivery company MealPro has achieved a company goal since its founding in 2018, buying the space it was leasing in Citrus Heights… Owning their own food production facility ensures the company can closely monitor quality.”

Citrus Heights Messenger

“With special emphasis on training employees and quality control, Sartori said he wants to give his customers a way to fully customize the food they eat… A rapidly growing business segment is its medical meal delivery service, allowing customers to tailor their meals to their specific condition and diet type.”

Citrus Heights Sentinel

“The business uses local suppliers as much as possible, and with MealPro cooking between 700 to 800 pounds of potatoes each week, that means a potential boost to growers in the San Juaquin Valley.”

Idaho State University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

“We were able to develop a top anti-inflammatory meal plan…easy for people in my clinical trial…” – Barbara, Professor and Researcher of Nutrition & Dietetics at Idaho State University.

Press Review Comstock Magazine

“Seven years after a Citrus Heights casino closed its doors, a local meal prep entrepreneur is testing his luck at its former 1.7 acre property.”

Mindbodygreen.com review

“Rather than being locked in, people can choose to subscribe or have meals as one-off purchases.”

Kitty O'Neil KFBK News Radio

“Cutting out co-packers, distributors, and retailers enables… to provide higher quality at lower prices.”

CBS News