Refrigerated Trucking Service

We are a service-driven and quality-oriented refrigerated trucking service that specializes in last-mile & middle-mile delivery.

How Our Refrigerated Trucking Service Works

From produce to beef we move refrigerated pallets of products to and from you. Get started in 3 easy steps:

1. Share Details

Fill out the form above and tell us more about what refrigerated product you need picked up/dropped off and where they are going.

2. We Quote You

Our team gets back to you with a custom refrigerated freight quote.

3. We Pick Up & Deliver

We pick up and deliver your refrigerated product using temperature controlled trucks.

Benefits of Our LTL Refrigerated Trucking Delivery Service

  • Temperature controlled refrigerated fleet

    Our fleet of refrigerated trucks is temperature controlled while in transit. We can also handle some frozen product.

  • Low minimums

    We can pick up as few as one to three pallets of refrigerated product. We have some options for delivering forzen items.

  • Lift gate service available

    Our fleet of refrigerated trucks is equipped with a lift gate to make unloading without a dock or forklift easy.

  • Request a free quote

    Request a free quote by filling out the form above. We look forward to lerning more about your refrigerated trucking needs.

  • Friendly service

    After creating an account with our refrigerated trucking company you will have access to our 24 hour support line.

  • Food or pharmaceuticals delivered.

    We can pick up food or pharmaceutical products. We are experts at cold supply chain management.

We are a last / middle-mile refrigerated trucking service.

Our refrigerated trucking company specializes in last-mile & middle-mile delivery. With a diverse fleet of reefer trucks that range from vans to box trucks we specialize in delivering same-day or next-day across Northern CA and NV. We work with:
- Grocery Stores
- Restaurants
- Food service providers
- Hospitals/Pharmaceutical companies

Refrigerated trucking

Lots of Support For Your Success

At MealPro, we provide you with a team of dedicated professionals in our dispatch office as well as on our routes. We are a service-centric and quality-oriented refrigerated trucking solution.

Our Refrigearted LTL Dispatch Center
Our Refrigearted LTL Dispatch Center

Refrigarated Trucking FAQ's:

Where is dispatch located?

Our refrigerated trucking service is located at 7433 Greenback Ln, Citrus Heights CA 95610

What is your delivery area?

We deliver throughout Northern California, Northern Nevada and parts of Southern CA.

How many pallets do you deliver?

We specialize in refrigerated freight between 1 and 4 pallets per refrigerated truck. Our order minimum is 1 pallet.

Do you offer frozen pallet delivery?

No. We only offer frozen delivery for pharmaceutical products.

Are you a food delivery company?

Our LTL refrigerated trucking solution is completely separate entitiy from our food delivery service company.

How quickly can you quote me?

It usually takes 1-3 days for a specialist to get back to you with a custom qutoe for our refrigerated LTL trucking.

How does payment work?

We accept check or credit card or we offer Net 30 terms with a credit application.

Do you offer contract pricing?

Yes. Our friendly representative is happy to discuss options with you.

Ready to Get Started?

We look forward to becoming your trusted LTL refrigerated trucking company of choice.