Technique for How to Braise Meat

Chef Justin , On February 17, 2023


How to Braise Meats

Braising is a low and slow cooking method over a long period of time with some liquid. It makes for great comfort foods since there is something really nourishing about this cooking technique. one of the easiest types of cooking when you following the basic guidelines:
For Beef: Choose from the larger, tougher cuts of meat that get more exercise on the cow like the brisket, or chuck roast.
For Pork: Pork belly (the one used for bacon) or a pork shoulder, also known as the Boston Butt.
For Chicken: Chicken legs or thighs.

Kitchen Tools Needed to Braise Meats

  • Measuring cups

  • Mixing bowl

  • Heavy cast iron or carbon steel pan for meat

  • Instant read thermometer

  • Spoon

  • Slow Cooker

In this Example I Will Braise Brisket

  • Brisket

  • Avocado Oil (high smoke point for searing)

Braising Brisket Cooking Video

In this video, Chef Justin goes over how to braise meats to perfection. If you prefer to have the written version of this braising meats tutorial please see the next section.

Braising Brisket Cooking Instructions

    Sear the Meat in a Pan

  1. Cut your meat into cubes

  2. Sear the meat cubes in a hot cast iron pan to sear and caramelize the outside

  3. Braise with the Right Liquid

  4. Red Wine – for beef

  5. Whit Wine – for chicken

  6. Fruit Juices – for tropical feel

  7. Vegetable Stock to reinforce that flavor

  8. Braise in a Slow Cooker

  9. Use a slow-cooker for braising.

  10. Pour your meat directly in the slow cooker from the pan and get all the juices from the pan in there as well.

  11. Braise with a Chili Colorado red sauce (which is made by taking half an onion, 4-6 cloves of garlic, 1 tbsp cumin, 6 died pecillo pepper, 8 dried chili peppers, 1 jalapeno) and cover it with just enough liquid to reach the top.

  12. Allow it to braise for 6 hours. These are almost impossible to overcook. So long as they don’t turn out to be charcoal but they are very forgiving. When you cook ingredients low and slow.

Enjoy this pulled brisket with a side of cauliflower mash or a mixed greens salad.

Best Practices for Braising Meats

Don’t use too much liquid. When braising you should have the liquid go to the half way point or just covering the bottom of the pan so the meat stays moist.

Don’t use water. Water is something you use to extract flavor out of ingredients. For example, in broth.

Don’t use too acidic of a braise: Vinegar seems like a good idea but it will make your meat tougher with a strong acidic flavor.

Don’t under-season You want to make sure there is good aroma and flavor.

Don’t braise in a marinade Marinades are meant to get flavors in the meat when it is cold. So they have a lot of salt and sugary marinades tend to burn.

Chef Justin

Chef Justin started his career in as a pantry relief cook in the casino fine dining scene, and quickly moved up to Sous Chef within a few years. His career later took him to a two star Michelin restaurant, Localis where he worked as Sous Chef/Chef de partie to specialize in meats and butchery work.