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High Protein Breakfast Bowl For Muscle Gain & Weight Loss

Chef Cindy Mooney , On March 26, 2023


A healthy breakfast is key to any muscle gain or weight loss regiment or bodybuilding diet plan. This high protein breakfast bowl recipe combines protein powder, steel cut oats and berries that give you the perfect synergy to help you workout harder for longer. With a healthy breakfast bowl you can sustain your workouts, reduce muscle breakdown and recover faster with the added protein powder.

Nutritionally, the slow digesting ingredients are key to weight loss since they keep you feeling satiated and prevent the urge to reach for that sugary snack.

Tools needed for this high protein breakfast bowl recipe

  • Kitchen scale

  • Mixing bowl

  • Spoon

  • Meal prep containers

Ingredients for this high protein breakfast bowl

  • Steel cut oats: This is a complex carbohydrate gives you a steady source of energy. This keeps your glucose steady, prevents insulin spikes and keeps you from storing body fat. Also, you will feel full for longer and say goodbye to those mid-morning cravings.

  • Protein powder: One scoop of protein powder contains ~35g of protein and all the essential amino acids your body needs for growth and repair. Use a protein powder of your choice. Most protein powders on the market come with added benefits including BCAAs, but you can also use casein protein or vanilla flavored protein per your preference.

  • Plant based BCAA’s: The protein powder scoop in your breakfast gives you 6g of BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) to enhance performance and recovery. BCAAs provide fuel to your working muscles while you train, helping to reduce muscle breakdown so that you can train harder for longer.

  • Natural fruit blend (berries and/or banana): A delicious tasting blend of freeze dried berries, and raisins helps to keep the cost down year round and improves the nutrition profile of your meals. Another good addition to this high protein breakfast bowl for meal prep is adding in sliced bananas. This is an affordable fruit high potassium, that can help prevent cramps during workouts.

  • Honey: Honey is a natural sweeter that is shelf stable and preservative free. You may only a drizzle of this antioxidant rich sweet goodness can make this high protein breakfast bowl the best tasting protein breakfast without the need for artificial flavors or sweeteners.

  • Milk: Enjoy this high protein breakfast bowl with milk. Milk is high in macrominerals like calcium and complements this high protein steel cut oatmeal breakfast bowl perfect.

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Notes about this high protein breakfast bowl recipe

If you macro meal prep and include breakfast in your high protein meal prep regiment this is ideal to make in big batches since the protein powder and steel cut oats are shelf stable items. Simply add in the protein powder, BCAA’s (some protein powder comes with BCAA’s) in meal prep containers and keep covered. Shortly before enjoying mix in some berries and milk for an ideal high protein breakfast bowl recipe that will fuel your day.

Chef Cindy Mooney

With a personal mission to spread the good name of nutrition through mouthwatering recipes, Chef Cindy's philosophy around nutrition is deeply rooted in food as medicine. In the kitchen, she offers a conscious, restorative, and functional approach to cooking; an approach she has cultivated during her years working in farm-to-table restaurants.