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Best Tri-Tip Marinade for Tenderness On Grill or BBQ

Chef Justin , On February 17, 2023

Keep Meats Tender and Moist While Grilling, or Smoking With this Marinading Technique

The Best Tri-Tip Marinade Recipe for Grilling

Marinades are used to inject flavor in the meat. Unlike brines solutions (which are saltwater solutions to inject moisture in meats), marinades are thicker and can stay on the meat for longer periods of time. This tri-tip marinade will also work for any steak, chicken or pork that you are going to cook over a hot grill. Enjoy this tri-tip in a tri-tip steak sandwich, with a salad or with your side of choice.

Tri-Tip Marinade Recipe Video Instructions for BBQ or Grilling

In this tri-tip marinade recipe video Chef Justin illustrates how to prepare the best tri-tip marinade for tenderness. If you prefer a written version of this tri-tip marinade recipe please refer to the instructions below.

Tri-Tip Marinade Recipe Kitchen Tools

  • Blender

  • Chef knife

  • Plastic bag

  • Cutting board

Tri-Tip Marinade Recipe Ingredients

  • Cilantro – Half bunch

  • Jalapeño – 1 small

  • *Lime – 1 small

  • 2tsp cracked black pepper

  • 1tbsp cumin

  • 3 cups olive oil

Tri-Tip Marinade Recipe Preparation Instructions

    Create the Tri-Tip Marinade

  1. Rough chop cilantro. It is going in the blender so don’t worry about your knife skills.

  2. Chop the Jalapeño. Take out all of the membrane in the center (part with the seeds) since that is where most of the heat hides. You can keep the seeds in if you would like more spice. The heat level you want is up to you. Rough chop that and place in the blender

  3. Cut the lime in half and squeeze into the blender.

  4. Add 2tsp of cracked black pepper, 1tbsp of cumin and 1.5 cups of olive oil to the blender, and blend together.

  5. Once everything is chopped up drizzle in another 1.5 cups of olive oil.

  6. Before Marinading Meat

  7. Remove all of the silver skin, which is heavy membrane from the tri-tip and most of the chunky fat, so the tri-tip marinade can penetrate into the meat better.

  8. Before marinading tri-tip season the meat heavily with salt. Be generous with the salt since the salt has to penetrate all 2 inches of meat.

  9. Repeat on the other side

  10. Add the Tri-Tip Marinade to the Meat

  11. Add the tri-tip steak to a plastic bag with the marinade on top.

  12. Go ahead and add just enough marinade to to cover the tri-tip steak.

  13. Allow the meat to sit in the fridge for 24 hours since it is a larger piece of meat, however the longer the better. You will extract more flavor out of that the longer it marinades.

Take the tri-tip out of the marinade and place over a hot grill with Montreal steak seasoning and serve with a Chimicurri sauce and a side of choice.

Acids like lemon juice, vinegar break, and lime juice (used in this marinade) break down raw meat, allowing the marinade’s oil and spices to deeply penetrate the meat, infusing it with flavor and moisture.

Note: Set a little bit of tri-tip marinade aside so you can brush it on or pour it over the tri-tip steak once it comes out off the grill and is sliced up.

Chef Justin

Chef Justin started his career in as a pantry relief cook in the casino fine dining scene, and quickly moved up to Sous Chef within a few years. His career later took him to a two star Michelin restaurant, Localis where he worked as Sous Chef/Chef de partie to specialize in meats and butchery work.