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5 Nephrologist Designed Renal Recipes for CKD Stage 2 & 3

Andrea Jeffery, MS, RDN, LD , On November 26, 2022

Help Prevent Dialysis with Nephrologist Designed Renal Friendly Recipes that Alleviate Kidney Function

Our Top 5 Nephrologist Designed Renal Recipes

These top five renal recipes are chef crafted following the guidelines set forth by nephrologists for renal failure stages 2 and 3. All fo these renal recipes are low in protein to alleviating kidney function. The recipes also use ingredients and portions that limit potassium to fewer than 2000mg and limit phosphorus to fewer than 1000mg.

Our top 5 Renal Recipes are written by chefs with the following nephrologist recommendations:

  • Limits protein. High in fiber. In each of our top 5 kidney friendly recipes we include a variety of vegetables and whole grains in your meals to make them high in fiber. As for protein – after ingestion it is processed by your kidneys – therefore, to alleviate kidney function renal dietitians recommend to take in moderate protein levels. Our top 5 kidney friendly recipes have ~20g of protein.

  • Low in Cholesterol, and Saturated Fats. Each of our top 5 renal recipes are low in cholesterol and saturated fats and moderate in total fats. For this reason our renal meals use 90% lean cuts of meats from animal sources or from lean white fish or plant protein sources. All meals are low cholesterol and saturated fats.

  • Low in Sugar and Sodium. All of our 5 renal recipes below has no added sugars. Our chefs opt for zero-salt herbs like turmeric or parsley as flavor enhancers.

1. Kidney Friendly Salmon Recipe

Atlantic salmon for renal diet

Atlantic salmon recipe.

This one skillet salmon recipe features a pan seared Atlantic salmon loin accompanied by roasted red rosemary potato and fresh spinach leaves.
View kidney friendly salmon recipe >

2. Kidney Friendly Pasta Recipe

Kidney friendly pasta recipe

Kidney friendly pasta.

Fresh linguine with roasted cherry tomato served with chicken strips.
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3. Renal Chicken Piccata Recipe

Renal chicken piccata

Renal chicken piccata.

Piccata is a meat, that is sliced, dredged in flour, browned, then served in a sauce containing lemon juice, butter, and capers. Our easy keto chicken piccata recipe is a classic Italian recipe with crispy breaded chicken coated in a flavorful lemon caper sauce (do not prepare if you are on dialysis).
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4. Kidney friendly couscous shrimp recipe

Kidney friendly Shrimp Recipe

Jumbo prawns with couscous.

This couscous shrimp recipe offers renal patients a fine-dining, experience while also being low in calories. Soft and fluffy couscous accompany the pan seared jumbo prawns. As a side have some oven baked brussel sprout that assume a nutty flavor when roasted at high temperature. The carrots and bell pepper add a caramelized undertone to this meal.
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5. Renal Chicken Fajita Recipe

Renal Chicken Fajitas

Renal chicken fajitas.

Tender chicken strips cooked accompanies by roasted fajita bell pepper, and caramelized onion strips accompanied by rice.
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Andrea Jeffery, MS, RDN, LD

Andrea holds a B.S in Dietetics and a Masters of Science in Nutrition from Idaho State University. She is a licensed dietitian through the Idaho State Board of Medicine. She is currently a MealPro blog contributor and serves as adjunct faculty at Idaho State University.