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Meet Chris. As a nutritionist and athlete Chris works with our chefs to build a menu of balanced meals. Chris works on combining entrees, sides and veggies to make sure the meals you receive high nutritional value.

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Meet Aaron. Aaron works with suppliers and farmers on sourcing the freshest local ingredients. Ingredients in our kitchen are cooked within 48 hours of arriving at the facility.

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Meet Eduardo. As the head chef Eduardo works with the cooks and kitchen helpers to make your meals fresh daily. The kitchen team is trained in using cooking techniques that optimize nutrient retention.

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Meet John. Chef John has extensive culinary experience in the US as well as South and Central America. Chef John works with the nutritionists to make your healthy and balanced meals very tasty. John works on adding layers of flavor to your meals with different spice/herb mixes and marination techniques.

Picture of Cindy

Meet Cindy. Cindy and her team work on plating and portioning your meals based on how you customized your meals on the menu page. Your meals are then vacuum sealed to retain freshness and are packaged in reinforced cardboard boxes. At every step of the way Cindy assures quality.

Picture of UPS truck with MealPro Meal Boxes being loaded on the Truck

UPS (or a local delivery courier) takes it from here: Within 72 hours of your vegetables being picked from the ground and within 24 hours of your meals being cooked fresh, your food is on its way to you.

** We also have a team of dedicated developers, accountants, and more kitchen helpers that work towards making your experience great. Get started today and buy your meals now >>

Meet the Founder

“MealPro was born from a desire to serve others. Through our platform we are making healthy eating easy. If we are successful we might just inspire millions to become the best, healthiest versions of themselves." -Andy Sartori, Founder

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