How To Lose Weight Fast

Kavin Tjhan , On July 6, 2017


Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a healthier, more fit version of you!! This article will discuss the best ways to lose weight and weight loss tips you can start applying right away.

Here are your beginning program instructions with 5 key weight loss components:

  1. Nutrition & Hydration: Consume six meals per day (Tip: prepare meals in advance and take them with you everywhere. You can leverage a meal prep company for this and have them prepare you custom meals to fit your macros). Train your body to eat within an hour after waking up and every 2-3 hours after that (Tip: set an alarm in your phone). Watch sodium and sugar intake. Consume 1-2 galls of water daily (Tip: bring a gallon jug around with you everywhere).

  2. Cardiovascular Training: The recommended cardio regiment to lose weight fast is to exercise in your target heart rate zone for weight loss. Once you know your THR zone/target heart rate zone you can buy a heart rate monitor or use your smart watch to make sure you are exercising at the right intensity. Most cardio machines also have sensors you can hold on to in order to find your target heart rate zone. These cardio machines at fitness centers are not always maintained and the sensors could not be calibrated properly – so the tip is to get a reliable device or target heart rate strap to ensure you are in the fat burning zone.

  3. Motivation: Motivating yourself for weight loss is key to success. Begin with always having your “Why” in mind. Why are you doing this? What is the reason? Knowing this will be important to lean on during the times where it seems toughest to keep pursuing your goal. Enlist support if necessary. Have an accountability buddy that can help keep you on track. Remember that everyone fails and if it helps, read about the weight loss journey of others to find inspiration.

  4. Supplementation: Protein powder, BCAA (branch chain amino acids), Multivitamin (contains the 13 essential vitamins) are recommended

  5. Professional Assistance: Consult with a nutrition coach that can provide support and accountability for you. You should start journaling all the food you consume daily (Tip: the more detail the bette here – calories, portion size, etc), this initial phase of the weight loss program is an acclimation phase. Stay on this meal plan for 7-10 days to establish a base. From there your coach can teach you how to exchange foods for variety. Take time to learn about your body and what works for you. Certain foods may not agree with you. If you notice a sensitivity (gas, rash, bloating) to any food make sure that you journal that. The more in tune you are with you body the more successful you will be on this weight loss journey.

To be honest, when I recently became aware of not looking good for summer compared to my friends, I feel somewhat inadequate. It also doesn’t help that I enjoy eating unhealthy foods. I am sure you ask yourself how to quickly lose weight and shed some belly fat?

Knowing exactly how much is on your plate can be tricky. Visualizing tablespoons, ounces, cups of food isn’t easy – which makes dishing out correct portion sizes a challenge. For quick and easy portion size weight loss tips that you can reference you can use your fist, the palm of your hand. For more on that type of weight loss tip see this portioning guide.

An individual losing belly fat and weight fast

Cardio and Hydration are Key Weight Loss Components.


How to lose weight fast – calculate your calorie needs.

While there is no magic pill to help you lose weight fast, and the low carb diet is not for everyone, you can start with a complete wellness plan that begins with tracking your current starting point and then developing a game plan so you can chart your trajectory on paper to build your very own custom weight loss program. Here are some helpful tools:

Using the tools above can provide you with a snapshot of where you are currently. Then, set a target and then you can chart how many calories to eat to get from your current state to your target with a clear time bound goal.

After having reached your goals you can adopt this new you to achieve lasting results. Here are some methods which will help you turn off your weight gain hormones and can act as long-term weight loss tips to keep this newly found healthy lifestyle. Oh….and remember to grind and stay motivated;)


How to lose weight fast – exercising.

Exercises for weight loss tip

In addition to doing cardio, exercising can complement your weight loss plan and can help you lose belly fat. As your muscle mass increases your body will burn more calories throughout the day even when the body is at rest. This will increase your RMR – resting metabolic rate. (Basal metabolism includes most of the involuntary things the human body does to support life – such as breathing, blood circulation, body temperature regulation, nervous system operations, etc).  

Staying Motivated For Weight Loss is Key

I can’t stress how important this last fat loss tip is.

Having motivation, discipline, and determination goes a damn long way in helping you achieve your goal of losing weight and that stubborn belly fat. It may certainly be tough at first sticking to the plan, and honestly, that’s okay. But, having the grit and determination to stick to your weight loss plan will help you out.

Learning about some success stories is a good way to stay motivated. See a before and after image of Will’s 40Lb weight loss story.

Nutrition For Weight Loss

Eat a healthy breakfast for weight loss tip

As you grow older, you may now have commonly skipped breakfast altogether in order to save time for you demanding schedule. You, therefore, make up for breakfast by eating a bigger lunch and dinner. But, is this the right way of doing things nutritionally and losing weight? Research studies have shown that having breakfast means you individual will have a higher chance of losing, especially losing belly fat. This is a simple step in how to lose weight.

Also, eating breakfast, allows you to stimulate your metabolism which is a key ingredient in burning off the calories consumed from your food. Eating a proper breakfast also helps have a positive effect on your blood sugar concentration in your body.

However, when eating breakfast for weight loss, it is best to consume healthy foods like fresh fruits, eggs, and complex carbs like whole grain bread. If you’re feeling a little fancier, cook a proper breakfast.


How to lose weight with portion sizes/control

In order for you to get rid of that stubborn belly fat and get your summer body, you are going to need to burn more calories than you consume through the foods you eat. But how do you exactly achieve this? First, you need to calculate your BMR – Basal Metabolic Rate, or the amount of calories that your body consumes to maintain its regular daily functions, then you need to add your activity factor to get the amount of calories you consume in any given day in your ordinary life. You can use this calculator to find that number. Now keep in mind that a pound of belly fat is 5000 calories, so to lose weight fast you need a calorie deficit in your diet. I know you want to lose weight fast, but for optimal health, it is recommended that you lose belly fat gradually and sustainably, with a calorie deficit of no more than 500 calories per day.

You may now ask, how can I  count my macros for a weight loss diet? How can I not feel hungry when on a diet to lose weight? The first tip I’m going to give you is the power of vegetables. But having vegetables in your weight loss diet and bulking up your meals with them you have an easy way to cut down on your calories while filling you up. Veggies like spinach and Chinese broccoli can be used as a sandwich topper or be added to your pasta, rice bowl, or stir-fries.

For fresh fruits, do the same exact thing that is noted earlier about vegetables.

Second, a trick to help you control your portions for successful weight loss would be to switch the carbohydrates upside-down. Think of it this way, take a parfait. While most parfaits have a granola base, switch the granola for yogurt as your base, and then sprinkle the granola lightly on the top. Your weight loss journey will seem much more pleasant than it sounds.


The low carb diet

In addition to portion control many nutritionists recommend switching to having diet meals over regular meals such as going on a low carb diet to lose weight fast. While there is some basis to this claim it is important to differentiate the low carb diet to a no carb diet.

Low carb diet recommends you to lay off those simple processed carbohydrates, don’t mistake this as meaning that complex carbohydrates need to be avoided. To the contrary, your body needs carbohydrates to maintain minimal body functions. It would be very difficult, if not unhealthy to avoid carbohydrates in general (bear in mind that broccoli is also a source of carbohydrates).

Some low carb recipes that can help you lose weight can have a scoop of brown rice, just eat in moderation and early in the day, like at breakfast for example. In order to find out how many calories you can consume you can check out this free calorie calculator.


Losing weight by drinking plenty of water

H20, is key in helping you to lose weight… literally.

Drinking plenty of water can help you lose weight fast. But why though?

Water is an appetite suppressant, and drinking it before eating food can help your weight loss objective by making you feel fuller, you are also likely already slightly dehydrated so drinking water will serve multiple benefits. Facts from WebMD proves that drinking water before eating food results in an average fat reduction of 75 calories per meal. Do the math, and drinking water before just one meal per day will help you to take in 27,000 fewer calories per year. that’s a lot of calories lost & think of all that lost belly fat!

Also, helping you in how to lose weight is water. Drinking water prevents muscle cramps, keeps you hydrated, and helps lubricate your joints.  This is essential to help you stay in the gym longer and exercising more.

How to lose weight fast conclusion

There is no secret in how to lose weight, there is no magic pill, there is no fairy that will do it for you, and fast weight loss does not happen on its own. However, I am confident in your ability and if you follow the above steps and consistently stay with it, you will see reduced fat that will make you happy and feel good.

Afterwards, go show off that summer body of yours!

Kavin Tjhan

Kavin is a health and nutrition researcher and a blog contributor at MealPro. He loves meeting like-minded people, hearing new ideas, and spreading the good word of nutrition.