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Andy Sartori , On September 22, 2017

Your weight loss calculator combines your resting metabolic rate with your activity level and outputs your daily calorie expenditure. For weight loss obtain a daily calorie deficit.

About the Calorie Intake Calculator

The calorie intake calculator below takes several weight loss variables into account. When measuring how many calories to eat to lose weight you have to remember your individuality, therefore your activity level, height, age, and gender affect how many calories you should eat to lose weight.

In step two of the weight loss calculator, you are asked about your weight loss goal.

For optimal health please remember that the best weight loss formula is gradual. If your weight loss goal is too ambitious the calorie intake calculator will give you an alert suggesting you make your goal for weight loss more realistic. Please feel free to play around with the numbers and adjust your calorie intake according to your weight goals. Here is the weight loss calculator:

How does the calorie intake calculator work?

The calorie intake calculator was developed by MealPro and uses the BMR and Harris Benedict Equation to give you your ideal daily calorie intake to achieve your weight loss goals. Basal Metabolic Rate and the Harris Benedict Equation combine to give you the most scientific approach and the closest possible accurate calorie intake that can be given in a blog post (This weight loss calculation is probably a more reliable weight loss tool than what most dietitians give you).

Calorie Intake Calculator Summary

The BMR calculator will calculate the number of calories your body burns while resting. We then apply an activity factor called the Harris Benedict Equation to tell you what your total daily calorie expenditure is. Once you understand your total daily calorie need a calorie deficit to achieve your weigh loss goals. If 3000 calories equal one pound of body weight you can now find your daily calorie need to achieve your weight goals. The daily calorie calculator above does exactly that. For optimal health reasons please remember to eat healthy foods and to combine a healthy weight loss diet with regular fat burning exercise for optimal weight loss goals.

Calorie Intake Adjustments

Be mindful that as you lose weight your metabolism will slow since body weight is one important weight loss variable in the BMR formula and in the calorie calculator formula. As you play around with your diet loss numbers, check out this video tutorial. It will give you more information about weight loss principles, weight loss nutrition and acts as a great weight loss guide for both men and women. In the meantime, to facilitate your calorie tracking you can use a sheet of paper, your cell phone, or a different type of calorie calorie tracker.

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