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5 Heart Healthy Recipes that are Cardiologist Recommended

Andrea Jeffery, MS, RDN, LD , On November 26, 2022


5 cardiologist Designed heart healthy Recipes

These five heart healthy recipes are chef crafted following the guidelines set forth by cardiologists for cardiovascular health. All of these heart healthy recipes are low in sodium and cholesterol. These recipes are made with ingredients that are low in saturated fats to prevent plaque buildup in your arteries.

1. Alaskan Cod Recipe

Alaskan Cod

Alaskan Cod.

Alaskan cod is a lean white fish naturally low in cholesterol and fat. Served with freshly roasted bell pepper and rice this is the perfect recipe for cardiovascular health.
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2. Heart Healthy Turkey Recipe

Kidney friendly pasta recipe

Turmeric Turkey.

Lean ground turkey with turmeric seasoning served with carbs and veggie.
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3. Heart Healthy Salmon Recipe with Potato

heart healthy chicken piccata

Heart Healthy Salmon.

Atlantic salmon steak with rosemary seasoning, no salt and herb roasted rosemary potato. Accompanied by spinach for a rich source of iron. Topped with lemon for a citrus zest.
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4. Couscous Salmon

Kidney friendly Shrimp Recipe

Salmon with couscous.

This couscous salmon recipe offers heart healthy patients a fine-dining experience while also being low in calories. Soft and fluffy couscous accompany the pan seared salmon. As a side have some oven baked brussel sprout that assume a nutty flavor when roasted at high temperature.
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5. Pesto Chicken Recipe

heart healthy pesto chicken recipe

Pesto chicken recipe.

Delicious pesto chicken recipe with quinoa and bell pepper.
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Andrea Jeffery, MS, RDN, LD

Andrea holds a B.S in Dietetics and a Masters of Science in Nutrition from Idaho State University. She is a licensed dietitian through the Idaho State Board of Medicine. She is currently a MealPro blog contributor and serves as adjunct faculty at Idaho State University.