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Meal Plans For CrossFit

Your workouts will only be as effective as the fuel you choose to power them with! We believe meal prep should take time, just not yours, therefore we grocery shop, cook, clean and deliver healthy CrossFit meal plans to your home or gym. Your CrossFit meals are specially designed for high intensity training.

Fatty Fish Meal Options

Salmon is loaded with anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, which are of the utmost importance for athletes trying to recover quickly from workouts. Our ingredient philosophy is to have just that! See your CrossFit meals here.

Veggie Rich Meals

Non-starchy vegetables are loaded with nutrients that the body needs to function and perform optimally. Your meals have broccoli and leafy greens as well as fiber to promote digestive health. See your CrossFit food delivery options here.

Sweet Potato Meal That is Perfect Fro CrossFit Diet
Sweet Potato Supplies Glucose To Your Brain

Nutritionists and Chefs Make CrossFit Food

Picture has chefs and athletes working together to make the cross fit meals
The MealPro Kitchen Consists of Chefs and CrossFit Enthusiasts

Convenient Service: One of the biggest challenges people face when trying to boost their health and immunity and improve longevity is finding convenient, quick food that not only tastes great, but is packed with nutritional goodness. At MealPro, the main goal with our CrossFit meal prep service has always been to make that a reality. You deserve to feel like the best version of yourself and transform your life, without the hassle. Our CrossFit meal prep service is here to help.

Quality ingredients: To let you fuel up the best way possible, your premade CrossFit meals are handcrafted using the highest quality organic ingredients. Everything is locally-grown, in-season and packed with tasty goodness to optimize your wellbeing and performance. No processed ingredients, refined sugars, artificial colors, flavors or stabilizers in sight. Instead, you’ll find delicious whole foods in each of our ready-to-eat meals – brimming with mouth-watering natural flavor and leaving you feeling 110%.

How Do The CrossFit Meal Plans Work?

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1. Order CrossFit Meals

You can order your CrossFit food on your cell phone or on your computer

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2. Get CrossFit Food Delivered

Your meal plan for CrossFit will be delivered to your door or location of your choice

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3. Heat & Enjoy CrossFit Meals

Place your CrossFit food in the microwave or in a skillet and heat until warm.

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