MealPro Story

MealPro , On April 26, 2016


Andy Sartori was out with friends to grab a bite. While eating, he noticed two of his friends ordered the same meal. Both of them were on a diet but had different profiles — gender, lifestyle, body type, and much more. His female friend was eating a little too much for her diet, while his male friend was eating too little.

“I realized that restaurants are too standard, but people are very much unique. For this reason, I started MealPro.” Andy said.

Today, MealPro is changing the future of food by customizing meal delivery in all 50 states. We have are creating a custom approach to nutrition – the kind that helps athletes perform, and busy professionals stay healthy, hence the call-out “Eat with Purpose”. Instead of mindlessly eating food, MealPro’s goal is to provide you with the nutrition that would lead to the most effective and healthiest diet. Our website includes a calorie calculator that helps users understand their nutrition and our menu page has customizations with the nutrition information clearly displayed to help users build their ideal meal plan.

MealPro Story
MealPro started as a food truck, expanded to a donut shop, then took over a former casino building in Sacramento, CA

MealPro is the nationwide leader in customizable meal delivery that is changing the future of food by allowing users to personalize their meal based on nutrition goal. Hence our tag line "Eat With Purpose".