MealPro Story

Andy Sartori was out with friends to grab a bite. While eating, he noticed two of his colleagues ordered the same meal. Both of them were on a diet but had different profiles — gender, lifestyle, body type, and much more. His female friend was eating a little too much for her diet, while his male friend was eating too little.

“I realized that restaurants are too standard, but people are very much unique. For this reason, I started MealPro.” Andy said.

MealPro | Eat With Purpose

MealPro is a California-based online food delivery service that takes the customer’s profile into account. “Instead of mindlessly eating food, MealPro’s goal is to provide you with the nutrition that would lead to the most effective and healthiest diet. We want to learn about you (the customer) so we can serve food that is appropriate for who you are and what your fitness goals are,” he added.

MealPro Customization