Find Your Body Fat Percentage At Home

MealPro , On August 9, 2016


Let’s find your body fat percentage!

There are many ways to find your body fat percentage at home? Some are a lot more accurate and expensive than others. The best way to calculate your body fat percentage is through Hydrostatic Testing.

What is that? Hydrostatic testing calculates your body fat percentage by submerging your body in a tank of water and then measuring the amount of water displaced.

Accurate? Yes. Something you can easily do at home? Not so much.

What Tools Will You Need For At Home Body Fat Testing?

If you’re a woman you’ll only need a measuring tape. If you’re a gentleman you’ll need a measuring tape and a scale. So how do you find your body fat percentage at home?

Catherine Basu from Fit Armadillo breaks down the methodology for you here:


*Converting from in to cm? Inches x 2.54 = Length in cm *Converting from lbs to kg? Weight in lbs/2.2 = Weight in kg

In the video you found out that the average range for body fat percentages for men and women, but if you don’t fall into those ranges you may want to know a little more. Here are some additional body fat percentage ranges for you to compare your calculated value to:

As Cathering Basu puts it: “One thing I always love about writing out that chart is that women NEED more body fat to be healthy than men do. So the next time any chubby guy tries to make a comment about your weight or a friend’s weight you can tell him he’s the one that needs to be worried ? Just sayin’!”

Now that you know that facts, take action now! Calculate your body fat percentage

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