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Nutritionally-balanced, calorie-controlled cutting meals for core toning. Starting at ~$9 per meal. All your meals can be adjusted to your metabolic needs on the menu page. MealPro is a shredding meal prep service that allows you to adjust your meal portion size. Otherwise, if you will eat too much and you will gain fat, not lose it and if you eat too little and you cause your body to burn off muscle. You need a food prep service that caters to you and that's what MealPro is. Learn more below: Eating healthy, high quality shredding meals with MealPro is really easy and affordable. See how the service works:

MealPro Meals are Easily Customizable Based on Your shredding Goals

1. Order You Weight Loss Meals Online

Order your weight loss meals online choosing from one of our calorie-counted fitness menus or create your own custom weight loss meal with the custom meal builder.

Our Chefs Carefully Cook and Portion All your cutting Food

2. We Cook & Portion Your Weight Loss Meals

Your portion-controlled meals are made fresh daily with natural ingredients. All your cutting meals are carefully portioned based on your customizations.

Easy Meal Delivery - No Prep and No cooking Required. Just Heat and Enjoy!

3. Enjoy Calorie-Counted Meals Delivered

Your shredding meals arrive calorie counted and already cooked. This makes weight loss meals the healthy and easy option. You are one decision away from an entirely different life.

How our service works

Say hello to flavor!

shredding Meals Adjusted to Your Needs

We don't believe the "one size fits all" approach to nutrition. Our taylored cutting meal plans are designed to match your needs.
Not sure which plan is best for you? Try using our calorie calculator below to find your energy expenditure and identify the calorie count needed to achieve your weight loss goal. Then choose the cutting meal plan that is most appropriate for you.

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Low Carb cutting Meals

Stimulate your metabolism with this cutting nutrition plan which is low in carbs and rich in veggies. These shredding meals are also high in lean protein to keep you satiated and prevent mid-day cravings. See Low Carb Meal Plan >

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Keto cutting Meal Plan

Lose weight with ketosis. This cutting diet plan uses high quality fats and a balanced mix of proteins to starve your system of carbs and use your body's fat reserves as energy - resutling in weight loss. See Keto Meal Plan >

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Create Your Very Own Plan

Hit your caloric need with your favorite mix of ingredients, above and beyond any fixed menu. Our custom meal builder allows you to build your meal choosing your ingredients and your portion sizes - while giving you updated nutrition facts on the fly.

View Our Weight Loss Plans

It's not a hack. It's a system that works.

cutting Meal Delivery Service Testimonials

Lose weight and prevent diet burnout with our plethora of fat loss food choices. See how MealPro helped thousands of customers slim down and gain muscle. In the testimonial below customer Will used MealPro to lose 40lbs of fat while packing on 5lbs on lean muscle - and he enjoyed his weight loss meal plan!

"I found it very difficult to find a company that offered at least 60g – 80g of protein per meal. MealPro’s a-la-carte extra protein came very close so I decided to try MealPro. And it wasn’t just like getting protein at the expense of taste and having a bunch of filler ingredients. My favorite is the chicken tenders because they are not fried. The mashed potato and corn feels like an indulgence meal but it’s so healthy."
- Customer Will, former pro squash player

Read Will's full transformation story here.

Fitness Meal Delivery Testimonial

Will Lost 40lbs of fat and gained 5lb of muscle using MealPro's fitness meals.

View Fitness Meal Plan Options Get in the best shape of your life.

cutting meals made with science backed nutrition

Menu planning starts from our registered dietitians, who curate macro-perfect cutting meals for for each curated nutrition plan. Our chefs then cook your delicious weight loss diet plans following RD guidelines to stay low in fat but deliver maximum flavor.

In summary, you get science-backed, chef crafted cutting meals delivered. This prevents diet burnout with macro-optimized dishes that taste so good, you will not believe they are healthy. Say hello to flavor!

Are you ready to order tasty cutting food that will help you slim down? All your meals arrive at your door portioned and cooked, ready to be enjoyed. You could be one decision away from an entirely different life.

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