The Best Tricep Workouts

MealPro , On June 21, 2016


Adivce when performing the best tricep workouts

1. Train one or two times per week Your muscles grow stronger as they recover between lifting sessions, enabling you to gradually lift more and more weight. If you don’t give your muscles time to rest, particularly your arm muscles, you risk overtraining them and delaying the results you want to achieve.

2. Use proper form Get the maximum benefit from your workouts and avoid injury by using the correct form when you lift weights. The video below shows several triceps exercises with proper form.

3. Train as hard as you can Lift the heaviest weights you are able to lift and make your training sessions as high-intensity as possible. Muscle-builders call this “training to failure,” because it means lifting weights that are heavy enough to cause you to “fail,” or be unable to complete the exercise after a few reps. If you can complete 10 or 12 reps without sweating or feeling much of a burn, you should be lifting more weight. If you can’t complete one or two reps before giving up, decrease the weight.

4. Work out your whole body On the days when you aren’t training your arms, train other muscle groups in your legs, back, and abdomen. This way you’ll still be building strength while your arm muscles are recovering. For more workouts visit the MealPro blog here.

5. Get Proper Nutrition Eat lots of lean protein that are low on fat an cholesterol. Increased body fat will obscure muscle definition, the key is to eat a diet that enables you to be lean so your muscles become apparent. Nutrition advice for when you are performing the best tricep workouts:

  1. Eat balanced meals with plenty of vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats
  2. Avoid white sugar and flour, fried foods, and excess sauces
  3. Protein helps build muscle, so make it a cornerstone of your diet

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