Does Eating Pineapple Really Burn Fat?

MealPro , On April 14, 2017


Does Eating Pineapple Really Burn Fat? Pineapple is low in calories and filling, making it a super addition to any weight-loss plan. Unfortunately, it — like all other foods — doesn’t possess magic fat-burning powers. The best way to burn fat is to follow a whole food, calorie-counted diet coupled with a solid exercise plan that includes both cardio and weight training.

A Misrepresented Enzyme
Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain, which helps your body digest protein. Consuming pineapple — or supplemental bromelain — may help people who lack digestive enzymes digest foods better. This doesn’t mean it will break down these foods faster or prevent them from being stored as fat. Bromelain does not have the power to help you process fat faster or burn it off, despite claims made by fat-loss pills and supplements.

Negative Calorie Myth
You may have heard that pineapple, like celery and broccoli, actually contains “negative” calories. Proponents of this belief claim that it takes more calories to digest these high-fiber foods than they provide. This thermal effect, the energy cost of digestion, is usually very minor and isn’t enough to significantly affect your weight or metabolism’s ability to burn fat.

Positive Attributes
Don’t abandon pineapple altogether when you’re trying to lose weight. One cup of chunks contains just 82 calories with over 2 grams of fiber. The fiber not only keeps your digestive tract running smoothly to banish bloat, but it also helps fill you up so you are less inclined to overeat.

The Best Method
So does eating pineapple really burn fat? You can’t short-cut fat loss. It takes dietary diligence and regular exercise. Burn excess calories through cardio, such as running, cycling, power walking and aerobics. Especially effective in combating fat is high-intensity interval training, which involves alternating short bursts of all-out effort with short rests. Weight training two to four times per week also helps you build muscle; a body that has a higher percentage of muscle has a higher metabolism, making fat loss easier. After a workout, puree some pineapple with whey protein to make a shake that helps restore energy, help with recovery and curb your appetite.


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