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Ashley’s Weight Loss Journey and Transformation

Kavin Tjhan , On November 21, 2018


By working with her nutrition coach, calorie counting and getting on a proper weight loss nutrition plan Ashley turned her health around. Thanks to her coach, she found a balance in her diet and nutrition, lost 25 pounds and discovered a happier, more confident self. Read more about Ashley transformation and learn how she uses nutrition coaching and MealPro’s personal chef service to stay on track.

“Nutrition coaching alone won’t do the trick – it is the personal chef service and custom meals that created a complete personal wellness program.” —Ashley, Tulsa, OK.

Meet Ashley

I’m 28 years old and currently studying exercise science and nutrition, so staying healthy is a huge priority for me. I love lifting weights, but I still very much enjoy finding other ways to stay active.

Building Confidence

I was overweight for most of my teenage years. I struggled with my self-esteem and it was hard to take control of my diet up until this past year. By working with a personal nutrition coach I was able to stick to a plan, dialing in my nutrition and understanding the concept of balance and moderation, I dropped over 30 pounds and have been able to successfully keep it off! I’m now so much happier and more confident.

Before and After: My before photo is me weighing 174 pounds and the after photo is me weighing 169 pounds.

A Complete Nutrition Plan

I slept well, and I stay energized a majority of the time with whole, quality foods, which is where MealPro comes into play. So many other weight loss meal delivery companies have pre-set meal plans and convince you to buy them – MealPro is different. The custom meals are so unique. No two meal plans are alike – not to mention, everything tastes great. I still indulge in some of my favorite treats occasionally, but then get right back on track with my diet. I attribute a lot of my success to my personal nutrition coach; he wrote my programs and calculated my nutritional needs and I’ve learned so much about how to nurture myself property.

“MealPro is different. The custom meals are so unique. No two meal plans are alike.”

“The nutrition coaching is unique – after telling me what to eat I was able to get all of that delivered. Making it a true game changer.”

Meal prepping with MealPro helps me stay on track because I never have to stress about my next meal. As a full-time student, juggling academics and staying on top of my training can be exhausting so when I come home, it’s nice to have something healthy and ready to eat.

A Tip for Others

The biggest thing I want others to know is that losing weight successfully needs to be a holistic approach that ties in your nutrition and exercise. There is no one size fits all. Highly recommend combining personal online nutrition coaching with the personal chef service to maximize your gains.

Kavin Tjhan

Kavin is a health and nutrition researcher and a blog contributor at MealPro. He loves meeting like-minded people, hearing new ideas, and spreading the good word of nutrition.