This food co-packing food delivery company uses fresh ingredients

Private Label food co-packing Sacramento

Private label white label food packing co-packers are food processors that have extra manufacturing capacity and offer their services for a fee. Our Sacramento white label food packing company also offers additional services such as product development (often critical to scaling up the volume of product produced), label review, and regulatory compliance. We are an end-to-end solutions provider to Sacramento. We execute what you envision.

Ready Made Meals. Entrees and Sides

MealPro specializes in packaged goods
  • Menu example: Lasagna, Chicken Teriyaki, Pastas, Salmon, Mashed Potatoes...
  • Packaging: MAP (Modified Atmospheric Packaging), Vacuum packing for longer shelf life.
  • Perks: Optional carton case with product window for display.

From vacuum packaging to modified atmospheric packaging we are leading the food industry in high quality pre-portioned and pre-cooked meals.

Deli Menu. Grab-Go Items

MealPro Meals Can Be Customized with No Veggie
  • Menu example: Sandwiches, Salads, Wraps, Bistro Boxes, Snacks, Parfaits...
  • Packaging: To-go containers with tamper evident seal and clear, anti-fog lids or high barrier film.
  • Perks: Optional upgrade to eco-friendly food containers.

Our white label food packing food co-packing service is on the cutting edge of the rapidly growing grab-and-go food market in the US, offering innovative healthy food options without compromising flavor or portion.

End-to-End food co-packing Food Service Solutions:

MealPro is a vertically integrated consumer packaged goods company that provides you the best capabilities and experts that you can trust. Our food co-packing service company offers end-to-end solutions and limitless possibilities make us a primary foundation for you. We handle all aspects of packaging and food safety. Let us focus on food processing while you focus on growing your brand!.

This national food co-packing startup delivers to your home or work  nationwide


One of the core competencies of thisfood co-packing production company is navigation of compliance for our customers. We also source, store and make product in our fully certified private label kitchen. Our sourcers have deep operational expertise and provide vertical integration for lower prices, fresher product and better quality.

This national food co-packing startup delivers to your home or work  nationwide


With exceptional attention to detail our food co-packing production company produces gluten free products first thing in the morning (since gluten spores can remain in the air). Other institutional safeguards include dedicated prep stations, color codes cutting board/knives/ladle combinations and fully certified staff with comprehensive training.

This customizable food co-packing service lets you adjust the nutrition in your meals to your needs.


You envision a product - we create the nutrition label. Our in-house nutritionists and food technologists work on creating compliant nutrition labels for all porducts that our customers want us to make.

Your easy food co-packing startup delivers meals that just need to be heated and served


Looking for a private label meal prep company? Our food co-packing food facility offers co-branding meal prep. We source, produce, and can also do product fulfillment including direct customer distribution.

On the digital side, our website user interface was created to interface with other applications and for friendly user experience.

How Our Sacramento Specialty Food Co-Packer Service Works

Get started in three easy steps. Choose the solution that is best for you or work with us to make your product and services roadmap based on your needs and preferences. As a private label white label food packing co-packer we execute what you envision.

1. Choose the menu/customize offering.

Choose from our vast menu selection or provide us with your recipe for a free quote. Choose regular/eco friendly packaging, package graphics...

2. We cook and package your product.

Our fresh food manufacturing does all the ingredient shopping, cooking, portioning and packaging. We handle all the compliance and sourcing.

3. We deliver to you - or to the end user.

We offer expertise in both B2B and B2C fulfillment. Your private label food can be delivered your distribution center, the point of sale or to the end user.

Specialty Capabilities of Our Sacramento food co-packing Facility:

In your product and its package must be matched to the company and its available equipment. Providing you the best capabilities and experts that you can trust. We are a food co-packing company that offers end-to-end solutions and limitless possibilities. See the services available to you and its available equipment:

Modified Atmospheric Packaging

Modified atmospheric packaging

Your solution for consumer packaged goods including providing modified atmospheric packaging, gas flush, vacuum or lid stock capabilities.

Material Handling Equipment

MealPro Meals Can Be Customized With Extra Veggie

From small scale operations to very high volume we are equipped to scale with you as your business demand increases.

High Capacity Storage

MealPro Meals Can Be Customized With Extra Carb

Our facility offers high capacity product storage in both cold supply chain and dry storage.

food co-packing Ingredient Sourcing, Procurement and Preparation:

MealPro is a food co-packing company that sources the freshest and highest quality ingredients straight from the farm and prepares meals using cooking methods optimal for nutrient retention.startup that specializes in pre-made and carefully portioned meals.

MealPro sources food co-packing the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

In the picture one of our food co-packing service associates is using a automated dicer to chop potatoes and prepare fresh meals.

  • Farm to Table Food Service Experience

    MealPro is vertically integrated food co-packing company. We source directly from farmers, keeping the supply chain short, eliminating middleman markup creating a system where communication flows better, and creating financial savings we pass on to you.

  • Food Cooked by an Expert Culinary Team

    Our talented team of professional chefs put together a changing menu of entrees and sides inspired by seasonal varieties and 100% natural flavors. Store purchased meals are all too often drowned in unhealthy oils or artificial preservatives. That stops now! Our expert culinary team cooks from scratch with whole foods — we let the natural flavors of our fresh veggies, zingy herbs, and natural spices do the talking.

  • Specialty Meals / Customizable Food Preparation

    We service hospitals, cafeterias and make recipes for restaurants. You can choose from a standard menu or you can customize to adhere to a specific diet/nutrition principle. MealPro's customizable food co-packing service gives you the flexibility of building something you envision.

About Our food co-packing Company

MealPro is a vertically integrated white label food packing production company. Every aspect of the food supply chain from ingredient sourcing to cooking and packaging is handled in house. This gives us more control over quality, allows customer feedback to flows faster between departments and allows us save on middleman markups passing the savings on to you.

On consumer side, MealPro is the pioneer in custom meal delivery. On the business side, we offer a very high quality an custom dining approach for restaurants, hospitals, cafeterias and more specialty uses.

Each division of the company has an unwavering commitment to quality and service.

It begins with a conversation. Get started today by food co-packing service contacting us now.