veggie Meals Delivery Service, your veggie meal plans arrive to your door in eco-friendly refrigerated coolers.

Abundant Portion Sized Veggie Meal Delivery

All Natural Pre-Portioned and Pre-Cooked Vegetarian Food

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Many Veggie Meal Options

Convenient veggie Meal Delivery Service that is delivered pre-cooked and pre-packaged

Veggie Meal Delivery Service Benefits

veggie Food Ingredients:

  • Plant based protein

  • 12oz of healthy vegetables

  • Organic veggie options

  • Simple seasoning

  • Many veggie selections

  • Rotating veggie menu options

veggie Food Delivery Benefits:

  • Affordable veggie food service

  • At your door delivery

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • Veggie meals are leak proof and portable

Fresh veggie Meals Delivered

Demanding schedule every day? Ready to spend more time living and less time cooking? With our fresh food delivery company you can save up to 10 hours/week and still achieve your dietary goals. All fresh fitness meals arrive to your home pre-portioned and pre-packaged.

veggie Food Delivery Service

Make your body feel awesome! Your veggie foods are made with all natural ingredients and are especially film sealed to prevent leakage and increase portability so that you can bring them to work.

Enjoy Your veggie Meals

Save up to 10 hours per week! To heat your prepped veggie meals, remove the film and place the whole container into your microwave. Your veggie meals are ready to be enjoyed in five minutes.

Fresh Meal Plans Delivered and Fresh Food Delivery Service
Our veggie Food Delivery Company Has Been Selected By Pros

veggie Meals Delivered

MealPro is a veggie meal delivery company that specializes in plant based meals with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Our plant based meals start at reasonable prices.

veggie Food Meal Plans

Our high quality and affordable veggie meals are delivered to your doorstep. We only add simple seasoning and keep food as close to natural as possible!

Only on the Web!

Our veggie meal prep company operates only on the web. We save on restaurant costs and we eliminate the middle man in retail/grocery store distribution. We pass all the savings on to you! Get high quality fresh meals delivered at great prices!

Fresh Meal Plans Delivered AND Fresh Food Delivery Company
Fresh Meal Plans Delivered

How Fresh Meal Delivery Works

1. Pick Your veggie Meals

You have many fresh food meal ideas to choose from for lunch and dinner. Your fresh meals are prepped upon order and cooked in a way to maximize nutrient retention.

2. Get Your veggie Food Delivered

After being cooked, your plant based food is immediately blast-chilled to preserve nutrients. The food is placed in eco-friendly refrigerated coolers an is promptly delivered to you!

3. Heat and Enjoy Your Fresh Food

Your pre-portioned tasty and nutritious plant based meals require no cooking, just heat and serve. If you don't like the fresh meals delivered get your money back!

Ready to get vegetarian meals delivered that will make you feel great!

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30 Day Money back guarantee