Healthy plant-based meals plated in a microwave safe meal prep container

Vegan Meals Delivered

Improve your daily nutrition, and make your vegan diet convenient with our anxiously awaited vegan meal delivery service. This vegan diet plan features all whole ingredients such as fresh, fluffy couscous, perfectly roasted vegetables, tasty tofu, and much more! Each of our vegan meals is designed, tested, and crafted by our master chefs to maximize flavor with no animal-based products, guaranteed!

Picture of a healthy vegan meal

Pictured: our vegan Cauliflower Bean Blend meal, featuring roasted cauliflower, fresh peppers, and garbanzo beans.

Plant-based meals made with organic, local ingredients.

These vegan meals are made with plan-based ingredients that are sourced fresh locally. 30+ of our ingredients are organic.

Delicious vegan meals cooked by master chefs.

You will be surprised by what the deft hands of a capable chef can prepare for you using all-natural herbs and roots as flavor enhancers.

No cooking nor preparation needed! Your vegan meals are delivered to your door, ready to eat!

Your healthy plant-based meal plan is delivered to your door pre-portioned, and pre-cooked. Just heat and enjoy.

How Our Vegan Meal Delivery Service Works

Your vegan meals are delivered portioned and cooked to your door

Your healthy vegan meal plan arrives at your door in a refrigerated box like in the image above. The box has a thermal liner and food-safe coolant to keep your meals fresh during delivery. Each meal is individually vacuum sealed. Upon arrival place your meals in the fridge or freezer. Peel back the film and re-heat in the microwave or oven.

  1. Purchase your vegan meal plan on our secure website.

    See your vegan meals menu on this page and purchase through our secure website checkout.

  2. Get your healthy vegan meals delivered to your door.

    Your healthy vegan meal plan is delivered in a specialized refrigerated freight box with a thermal lining and enough food-safe coolant to keep your meals fresh and tasty.

  3. Meals arrive portioned and cooked. Just heat and enjoy.

    Each meal is individually vacuum packed in a food container sealed with high a barrier film to retain freshness. Simply poke holes in the film before microwaving, or peel the film off first when using an oven.

More Questions? Read our FAQ's

Vegan Meal Delivery FAQ

How long does it take to receive my vegan meals? For the pacific US, we deliver Tuesday through Friday. For the mountain, central and eastern US we deliver Thursday and Friday.

How long do my MealPro vegan meals last? You can store your vegan meals in the fridge for three to four days or in the freezer for a few weeks. Each meal has a label with a best-by date.

How do I heat my meals? You can heat your vegan meals in an oven, microwave, or transfer them to a skillet and heat over a stove top.

What forms of payment do you accept? We accept Visa, Discover and Mastercard.

How are my meals packaged? Your individual meals are packaged in microwave-safe meal prep containers and are vacuum sealed using a high barrier protective film. Your vegan meal plan arrives in a corrugated box with a special thermal liner. One box contains your entire vegan meal plan. Food-safe coolant is used to keep your meals fresh during transit.

Is MealPro a subscription service? At MealPro, we don't require a subscription. You may place one-time orders, or you may sign up for our MealPro membership to receive recurring orders and exclusive benefits.

Where do you deliver? We deliver to the continental US and parts of Alaska and Hawaii.

What if I am not home when my food arrives? No worries. Your order will arrive in a thermal lined, refrigerated box with enough food-safe coolant to keep your meals fresh until you get home.

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Contact MealPro

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All vegan meals are made fresh daily at our food facility. Pictured here is our location at 7433 Greenback ln, Citrus Height CA 95610.

Our friendly staff is happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact us with questions or to customize the meals in your plant-based meal plan.

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Looking for some quick answers to common questions? Read Our FAQ's >

Make Your Diet Easy!

How Our Plant-Based Meal Ingredients Are Sourced

One of the main challenges adhering to a vegan diet is finding delicious plant-based meals with the proper nutrition to optimize health. This is what we specialize in. Our chefs use fresh, whole ingredients, rich in macro and micro nutrients to ensure each vegan meal tastes as great as it is healthy. Here is more information about how the ingredients in your meals are sourced and prepared:

Fresh, Natural Ingredients: We start by sourcing high-quality produce. Whole foods are naturally nutrient-dense, meaning they’re packed with all the vitamins & minerals you need without excess calories or artificial ingredients. Think farm fresh vegetables, protein-rich legumes, and healthy grains like couscous. You’ll recognize every ingredient on the label. Each vegan meal is nutritionally-designed to support a healthy, active lifestyle.

Properly Proportioned Vegan Meals: Our master chefs design each vegan meal to contain enough carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to keep you healthy and energized. You'll stay full for longer, and complex carbs means no energy crash.

Prepared for Nutrient Retention: Some methods of cooking destroy nutrients instead of preserving them. At MealPro, our culinary experts are trained and have equipment to steam vegetables to make sure they maintain their nutritional value.

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Prepared Fresh Daily

Who Is This vegan plant-based Food Service For?

The goal of our plant-based meal delivery service support your health journey by providing you a delicious menu of vegan meals and an unmatched dining experience. Each plant-based meal is specially crafted with your goals and values in mind. This vegan diet plan is perfect for you if:

You're having trouble sticking to your vegan diet.

You demand food with high integrity, strictly made with plant-based ingredients.

You need more nutritionally balanced vegan meals to support your diet.

You want a cost-savings from ordering food on DoorDash or Uber Eats.

You don't settle for anything less than a chef-crafted dining experience.

You are tired of eating other vegan foods which are often packed with sugar and other dubious ingredients.

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Healthy Vegan Food Made Easy

Why Choose MealPro's Vegan Meals?

Our vegan meal plan is strictly plant-based, and comprised of all whole food ingredients.

Maximum Nutrition. Minimal Effort.

Get healthy vegan meals delivered that are already cooked and portioned and fit your nutritional needs. You will find this minimal effort and maximum nutrition improves quality of life.

#1 for Nutritional Value.

MealPro's vegan meal plan contains meals that have robust portions of complex carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats. That is the best nutritional value on the market combined with the most generous, satiating portion size.

Fresh Ingredients. Higher Quality.

MealPro is a vegan food delivery service that sources ingredients locally and from around the world to provide the highest meal quality for your enjoyment.

Save Time. Feel Great.

Take care of yourself! Spend less time and money at the store and eliminate hours spent cooking and cleaning. With MealPro's plant-based food prep you get healthy vegan food that is convenient and tasty.