The Mathematics of Meal Preparation

Ever wonder how much time you spend shopping for and preparing meals? How much money do you spend on unhealthy processed foods because you just don’t have time to prepare homemade food every day? These are the mathematics of meal preparation – If you’re anything like most people, your busy schedule dictates the foods you eat, meaning you rely on convenience and commercially-prepared foods for at least part of your diet. Not convinced? Read on to find out how you can improve your diet while saving time and money.

Breaking Down The Mathematics of Meal Preparation

If you typically spend 40 minutes on getting lunch & snacks and 45 minutes cooking dinner, in a typical week you’re spending up to 325 minutes or over 10 hours just getting food! No wonder your day seems so short!

Now let’s look at it the other way around: you don’t have 10 hours to spend preparing meals each week and instead, choose to buy all your meals. You might spend ~$13 for lunch and ~$15 for dinner, which adds up to over $150 per week if you buy a few snacks! And let’s not talk about the nutrition in that food…

Now you probably fall somewhere between those two extremes, maybe cooking when you can and buying meals when you run out of time, or supplementing with bars and convenience foods. Either way, we’ve got two tips to improve the quality of the meals you eat while saving time and money:

Meal Prepping and Planning Now that we know more about the mathematics of meal preparation let’s take some actionable steps. Once you’ve planned your meals (you can use meal planning apps.), and you can turn to a meal prep company to service your needs. There are many to turn to, for example MealPro. You’ll save money on groceries you don’t need, you’re less likely to pick up a bag of chips on impulse (which you’ll eat just because it’s there) and you’ll save time by making fewer trips to the grocery store.


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