Harry’s Weight Loss Journey Testimonial

MealPro , On November 20, 2020


After years of exercise, Harry decided to take his weight loss journey to another level with personal nutrition coaching and a custom meal plan. He was slowly losing weight exercising but was frustrated, barely seeing progress. To kick his weight loss journey into gear, Harry turned to meal prepping. He’s seen the most success from using MealPro’s a-la-carte meals and tracking macros. Read the full weight loss story below to learn how Harry is down 25 pounds and counting!

“I’ve had a lot more success in the past year with the help of MealPro. Once I started on this weight loss program, the cheat meals stopped and the weight was coming off a lot faster.” —Harry, San Diego, CA.

Meet Harry

I’ve been a personal trainer for about a two years, so I spend most of my time at the fitness club. I work out for two hours, then coach for a few hours every day. When I’m not in the gym, you can find me spending time with family and friends.

Weight Loss Journey Before and After

Prior to starting my fat shredding journey I was gaining weight. I peaked at about 250 pounds. My main fitness goal was to lose weight and tighten everything up, so that’s when I got into the workout center and started my weight loss journey about two years ago. Motivating myself for weight loss and shifting my habits was a bit difficult – I was always surrounded by high calorie temptations, but I’ve had a lot more success in the past year with the help of MealPro and an active workout plan. I’ve 25 pounds! It’s amazing to see my progress!

Getting Started with Weight Loss

I first heard of MealPro through a friend. He would share some of his healthy and tasty weight loss meals, which got me hooked. When I started ordering my own tasty and healthy meals, it was super convenient because all my food was delivered pre-cooked and portioned – ready to go. This really left me with few excuses to deviate from my diet.

Jumpstarting My Weight Loss to Silence the Critics

I always felt the social stigma before – I was self conscious about it and sometimes felt a bit edgy. I would feel like something needed to change but my habits made it a very slow process and it was difficult to start cooking right. I would see some good progress, then I would blow my workouts on sugary snacks. It turns out the stigma around being what you eat is totally true. It was only when my weight loss diet matched up with my weight loss workout that the two started working together in a common direction and delivered real results.

It was so much easier to count my macros for weight loss and keep my diet on track knowing that I could just go home, get some healthy food delivered put them in the fridge and then I could indulge in great food with no remorse after.

The biggest conflict I’ve had with weight loss journey is kicking my head into gear. I had been giving myself reasons to doubt myself since this weight loss goal had eluded me for so long. Weight loss in general always felt like I had given myself a mountain to climb. Then the MealPro community and support gave me a mindset of being process oriented – made weight loss into a lifestyle with great nutrition. Even when I would go to a restaurant I would be able to order menu items with names that resemble my weight loss food and being around the food gave me a foundation for what to look for even on days where I had to opt for other food options.

Meal Prepping For Weight Loss Made Easy

With MealPro, I was never hamstrung in my diet because of meal prepping. MealPro has a variety of meal plans for weight loss that I could customize and tweak so the meals were always right for me. This was a god send! I like the meal customizations. My progress has been amazing so I definitely recommend for those who are looking to reach their weight loss goal. I logs and the templates from the MealPro resource library to track my macro ratios, then easily portion out the grams of protein and add some rice for my carbs. My favorites definitely are the chicken and salmon.

“It’s so easy to meal prep for weight loss and keep my fat shredding diet on point with these weight loss meals. Everything tastes amazing and the customizations are ideal to fit my macros.”

MealPro has definitely aided my weight loss journey. The biggest benefit is the convenience of having it at home or being able to take it to go and having it already prepped and ready for you. They also do a great job of providing a great service; it’s not just convenient, but also delicious – cuz you can only stick to cabbage and lettuce for so long. I’m a really picky eater and always experienced diet burnout on weight loss with other services. Whenever I meet someone that’s on a weight loss journey, I say “Have you heard of MealPro?” and I’ll tell them all about it.

A Healthy Weight Loss Tip

Stop snacking! You won’t believe how calorie dense those snacks can be. You might think it won’t do any harm, but they add up so easily and you can blow your macros out of the water by like 50 grams just by having a few handfuls of almonds. Just be aware of the number of calories you’re eating and why. Plan your meals, store them in those meal prep containers, and just stick to them! Bring your own meals with you and you’ll always look back with a smile.


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