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Our Charlotte paleo food delivery service focuses on providing you with a pre-portioned and pre-cooked paleo diet plan that mimics the eating habits of our ancestors before modern food processing. Our paleo meal delivery service makes it easy for you to enjoy wholesome, delicious, and fully-prepared paleo meals delivered straight to your door in Charlotte. Our meals and process are specifically designed to help you push through energy crashes, brain fog, and hunger. Join thousands of others we have helped thrive on a paleo diet plan.

paleo Diet Plan Delivery Service Ingredients

MealPro's pre-packaged paleo meal plan is made with love in Charlotte with the highest attention to detail and ingredient quality.

  • Meals Made With Premium Proteins.

    Our pre-cooked paleo diet plan incorporates generous quantities of line-caught Atlantic salmon, free-range proteins, grass-fed beefs and carbs from just root vegetables. If you become what you eat, then become great.

  • No Mandatory Subscriptions.

    We don't lock you into a contract! Our Charlotte paleo meal delivery service supports you with great paleo meals that keep you coming back! Optional recurring orders.

  • Best-In-Class Charlotte paleo Meals Delivered.

    We offer the best macro balanced portions, endless meal customizations, and best of all, we don't require a subscription. Expertly designed paleo meals that are as simple as pick, heat and eat. Supercharge fat loss in the tastiest way.

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How Our Charlotte paleo Meal Delivery Service Works

Our paleo meals are delivered portioned and cooked to your door in Charlotte

Enjoy the convenience of paleo meals delivered to your door in Charlotte. Each meal in our healthy paleo diet plan is individually vacuum sealed to lock in juices and retain freshness. The paleo meal box is delivered with a special thermal liner and dry ice/and/or gel packs to make sure your paleo meal plan arrives in optimal condition.

  1. Order ourpaleo meal plan via our secure website.

    Order individually portioned, made-to-order paleo meals via our secure website and checkout process.

  2. Enjoy home delivered paleo meals in Charlotte.

    Our paleo meals are delivered in a custom designed corrugated box with a special thermal liner. Each meal is individually vacuum sealed to retain freshness.

  3. Heat. Eat. Repeat.

    Experience the ease of our Charlotte paleo meal delivery service. Heat your paleo meals (microwave or oven) without cooking or cleaning. Take back your life.

More Questions? Read our FAQ's.

My Charlotte paleo Meal Plan

Our healthy paleo diet plan box contains 20 of the highest quality paleo meals. All meals in our paleo diet plan are high in healthy proteins. To further enhance the flavor, our culinary team cooks and portions our paleo meals using zero-calorie herbs and spices that enhance the flavor, without impacting your goals - making this a paleo meal plan delivery service you don't want to miss. Our paleo Chef’s Box contains 2 of each of the following meals:

Salmon w Cauliflower Mash

Salmon w Cauliflower Mash

Line-caught Atlantic salmon with cauliflower mash, and steamed broccoli.

Allergens: Fish.

Sliced Steak w Cauliflower

Sliced Steak w Cauliflower

Grass-fed steak seared and sliced with roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts.

Allergens: None.

Shrimp w Sliced Yam

Shrimp w Sliced Yam

Shrimp with roasted sliced yams, peppers, and onions with a lemon wedge.

Allergens: Shellfish.

Chicken w Yam Mash

Chicken with Yam Mash

Grilled chicken with yam mash and sautéed green beans. Topped with almonds.

Allergens: Nuts.

Chicken Wing w Sliced Yam

Chicken Wing w Sliced Yam

Air-fried chicken wings with sliced yams, peppers, onions, and lemon pepper seasoning.

Allergens: None.

Pulled Steak w Cauli Mash

Pulled Steak w Cauli Mash

Pulled steak with cauliflower mash, roasted bell peppers, onions, and parsley garnish.

Allergens: None.

White Fish w Yam Mash

White Fish w Yam Mash

White fish with yam mash, roasted bell peppers, and green beans with almonds.

Allergens: Fish, Nuts.

paleo Pulled Steak w Roast Yam

Pulled Steak w Roast Yam

Grass-fed pulled-steak with roasted sliced yams and brussels sprouts.

Allergens: None.

Grilled Chicken w Cauli-Mash

Chicken w Cauli-Mash

Roasted chicken with seasoned cauliflower mash, onions, and roasted bell peppers.

Allergens: None.

Shrimp w Cauliflower Mash

Shrimp w Cauliflower Mash

Jumbo prawns with cauliflower mash, slivered carrots, and sautéed sting beans.

Allergens: Shellfish.

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Enjoy 2 of each of the above paleo meals in one easy paleo meal plan.

Charlotte paleo Meal Plan Delivery Service Testimonials

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"Best paleo meals in Charlotte! My Diet is and stays on Point. For me, this is ideal! It allows me to stay on track and I always look forward to my next meal so it's food as it should be."

Lindsey, Health Care
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"Saves my sanity! Everything at the store is processed and it soooo difficult to stick to eating paleo. Without MealPro's paleo meals my diet would be over before it even began!"

Leão, Software Developer.
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"I have a flat stomach! Thank you tothose who make paleo eating easy. This is a godsend. I really had tried all kinds of diet plans but this is the best Charlotte paleo meal delivery service which is now my go-to! "

Rhonda, Maternity Leave
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"Great customer service! I spoke with Cindy over the phone and she let me customize my paleo meals. The flexibility of order over the phone with the customisations was exactly what I needed. Thank you Cindy! I see a promotion in your future. "

Alex, Financial Advisor.
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paleo Meals Delivered in Charlotte That Are Made With Natural Ingredients

Charlotte paleo Meal Delivery Service FAQ'S

How long does it take to receive my paleo meals? For the pacific US we ship and deliver daily. For the mountain, central and eastern US we deliver Thursday to Friday.

How long do my paleo meals last? Store our paleo meals in the fridge for three or four days or in the freezer for a few weeks. Each meal has a label with a best-by date.

How do I heat my paleo meals? You can heat your meals in the oven, microwave - or transfer to a skillet and heat over a stove top.

What form of payment do you accept? We accept Visa, Discover and Master Card.

How are my meals packaged? Your individual meals are packaged in microwave-safe meal prep containers and are vacuum sealed using a high barrier protective film. Your meal plan arrives in a corrugated box with a special thermal liner. One box contains your entire pre-packaged paleo meal plan. Dry ice is used to keep your food cold during transit.

Is MealPro a subscription service? No mandatory subscriptions. Just great paleo meals delivered that keep you coming back! If you wish, you can subscribe on an opt-in basis and you become enrolled in our rewards program. After placing your first order you will receive an email with your account login instructions, you can then login to your account and opt-in if you would like.

Where do you deliver? We deliver to the continental US and parts of Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.

What if I am not home when my food arrives? No worries, your meals have enough coolant so they can stay in the thermal packaging for the day.

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All meals are made fresh daily at our food facility. Pictured here is our location at 7433 Greenback ln, Citrus Height CA 95610.

Our friendly staff is happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact us with questions or to customize the meals or ingredients in your paleo meal plan.

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