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New York City Dialysis Meals Delivered

MealPro's portion controlled NYC dialysis meal delivery plan is made for renal failure patients that have experienced ckd stage 4 and are transitioning or are in stage 5 of renal failure. Our dialysis meal plan is the lowest in sodium, potassium and phosphorous on the market. Your New York City renal failure meals are cooked fresh daily by a team of nutritionists and cooks that designed your food to be delicious by using zero-calorie herb, and zero-salt spices as flavor enhancers - making this a tasty dialysis meal plan you can savor and enjoy.

Food Delivery Pyramid for Dialysis Diet

The types of food you can consume on a renal diet. MealPro's dialysis meal plan takes this food pyramid into consideration and provides you with a no-hassle optimal dialysis meal plan.

  • Renal failure diet meals limit bothersome ingredients.

    Your kidney failure meal plan was designed following scientifically backed principles to limit/exclude bothersome ingredients. Your dialysis meal plan contains low potassium, low sodium, and phosphorus foods. Meals are also low in bicarbonates.

  • Enjoy delicious dialysis meals delivered made by expert chefs.

    Our expert culinary team makes your dialysis food delicious by infusing no-salt spices and zero-calorie herbs as flavor enhancers. This makes for some seriously aromatic, fresh and delicious food, making this a New York City dialysis meal delivery service you will crave.

  • Your kidney failure meals arrive pre-cooked and portioned to your door.

    Our New York City dialysis meal delivery service delivers meals to your door that pre-portioned, and pre-cooked. Just heat and enjoy.

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Our New York City dialyis meal service delivers to your door.

How This New York City Dialysis Meal Delivery Service Works

Your Dialysis meals are delivered portioned and cooked to your door

Your healthy dialysis meal plan arrives at your door in a refrigerated box like in the image above. The box has a thermal liner and dry ice to keep your meals cold. Each meal is individually vacuum sealed. Upon arrival place your kidney failure meals in the fridge or freezer. Just heat and enjoy.

  1. Purchase your tasty dialysis meal plan on our secure website.

    Use our secure website to place your order of fresh and healthy kidney friendly meals.

  2. Get your healthy dialysis meals delivered to your home or work.

    We shop, pep, cook, and portion and all your healthy dialysis meals in food prep containers and deliver then to your door in a special insulated thermal box.

  3. Heat and enjoy. No cooking or prep required.

    Our NYC renal failure meal delivery service delivers your meal plan your door pre-cooked and portioned. Simply heat and enjoy.

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Your NYC dialysis meal plan is based on these ingredients:

Dialysis Food Delivered

Our New York City dialysis meal delivery company a lot of thought into building your ideal real failure diet plan. We do this because we understand the need to exclude minerals from the food to alleviate kidney functions. Our aim is to support you with seriously tasty food that improves your quality of life.

Limits Sodium: Prevent excess salt from building up in your body. This may help to control blood pressure. It may also help reduce fluid weight gains between dialysis sessions since salt increases thirst and causes the body to retain (or hold on to) fluid.

Limit Potassium: Keep a safe level of certain chemicals in your blood, such as potassium, and bicarbonate.

Limits Phosphorous: Our nutrition labels indicate the amount of phosphorous in each meal so you can see how low in phosphorous your meals are.

High Protein: Protein can help keep healthy blood protein levels and improve health. Protein also helps keep your muscles strong, helps wounds heal faster, strengthens your immune system, and helps improve overall health. Eat high protein foods (meat, fish, poultry, fresh pork, or eggs) at every meal, or about 8-10 ounces of high protein foods every day.

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Many Healthy and Tasty Options.

Your Healthy Dialysis Meal Plan

MealPro's New York City dialysis food delivery service offers portion controlled diet plans for patients that have experienced ckd stage 4 and are transitioning or are in stage 5 of renal failure. Unlike the kidney friendly meals for chronic kidney failure stage 2-3 meals, the dialysis meal plan is the lowest in sodium, potassium and phosphorous. Your renal failure meals are cooked fresh daily by a team of nutritionists and cooks that designed your food to be delicious by using zero-calorie herb, and zero-salt spices as flavor enhancers - making this a tasty dialysis meal plan you can savor and enjoy.

Wild Salmon Meal

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic salmon fillet grilled over an open flame with fresh peas and steamed rice.

  Sodium: 115mg
  Potassium: 455mg
  Phosphorous: 261mg

Wild Salmon Nutrition
Tilapia Meal

Seared Tilapia

Seared tilapia fillets garnished with parsley, on a bed of steamed rice, and served with green beans.

  Sodium: 45mg
  Potassium: 612mg
  Phosphorous: 321mg

Tilapia Nutrition
Turmeric Turkey Dialysis

Turmeric Turkey

Lean turkey tossed with steamed rice. Accompanied by freshly slow-roasted asparagus spears.

  Sodium: 170mg
  Potassium: 624mg
  Phosphorous: 342mg

Turmeric Turkey Nutrition
Turkey and peppers meal

Turkey and Peppers

Lean turkey, seasoned turkey tossed with white rice, and oven-roasted yellow bell peppers.

  Sodium: 160mg
  Potassium: 632mg
  Phosphorous: 310mg

Turkey and peppers nutrition
Fried Rice

Roasted Tilapia

Moist and tender oven roasted tilapia fillet on a bed of basmati rice with roasted yellow peppers.

  Sodium: 45mg
  Potassium: 645mg
  Phosphorous: 193mg

Roasted Tilapia Nutrition
Cauliflower chicken

Cauliflower Chicken

Tender sliced chicken with steamed white long grain rice and roasted cauliflower.

  Sodium: 180mg
  Potassium: 748mg
  Phosphorous: 362mg

Cauliflower Chicken Nutrition
Chicken Fajitas Meals

Chicken Fajitas

Juicy chicken with roasted peppers and onions, served with fresh lemon slices.

  Sodium: 150mg
  Potassium: 650mg
  Phosphorous: 346mg

Chuck Fajitas Nutrition
Rice Bowl Meal

Rice Bowl

Locally sourced broccoli, green beans, and carrots. All roasted and paired with brown rice.

  Sodium: 35mg
  Potassium: 653mg
  Phosphorous: 235mg

Rice Bowl Nutrition
Cauliflower Rice Meal

Cauliflower Rice

Roasted cauliflower and fresh green beans served on a bed of steamed brown basmati rice.

  Sodium: 40mg
  Potassium: 624mg
  Phosphorous: 210mg

Cauliflower Rice Nutrition
Salmon and Pasta Meal

Salmon Pasta

Atlantic caught salmon on a bed of al-dente penne pasta tossed with fresh peas.

  Sodium: 110mg
  Potassium: 593mg
  Phosphorous: 261mg

Salmon and Pasta Nutrition
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How long does it take to receive my dialysis meals? For the pacific US we ship and deliver daily. For the mountain, central and eastern US we deliver Thursday to Friday.

How long do MealPro meals last? You can store your dialysis meals in the fridge for a three or four days or in the freezer for a few weeks. Each meal has a label with a best-by-date.

How do I heat my meals? You can heat your meals in the oven, microwave - or transfer to a skillet and heat over a stove top.

What form of payment do you accept? We accept visa, discover and master card.

How are my meals packaged? Your individual meals are packaged in microwave-safe meal prep containers and are vacuum sealed using a high barrier protective film. Your meal plan arrives in a corrugated box with a special thermal liner. One box contains your entire dialysis meal plan. Dry ice is used to keep your food cold during transit.

Is MealPro a subscription service? By default, every order is a one-time order. You have the option to opt-in to recurring orders. After placing your first order you will receive an email with your account login instructions, you can then login to your account and opt-in if you would like.

Where do you deliver? We deliver to the continental US and parts of Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.

What if I am not home when my food arrives? No worries, your meals have enough coolant so they can stay in the thermal packaging for the day.

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New York City Dialysis Meal Plan Delivery Service Testimonials

"Best dialysis meal plan that encapsulates low potassium meals with salt, portion and phosphorous control."

Cody, Healthcare

"Great food for dialysis alleviation. Nice to work with a company that understands our needs."

Alex, Caretaker

"Overall, an excellent medical meal delivery service. Very convenient and helps us improve quality of life and nutrition."

Jennifer, Patient

"Very Reasonably priced. The convenience makes it easy to maintain my diet and stay health. Restaurant quality food!"

John, Patient
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NYC Dialysis Meals Delivered Made With Natural Ingredients

Who Is This Dialysis Food Delivery Service For?

Our NYC dialysis food delivery service is for patients who have experienced kidney failure (ckd stage 5) and need low phosphorous, low sodium and low potassium meals. Your calorie controlled renal failure meal plan alleviates your kidneys by only including ingredients without bothersome minerals so your kidneys are not overloaded. This diet type is perfect for you if:

You refuse to eat bland dialysis diet foods at high prices. You expect your food to taste delicious, be affordable, and be healthy for you.

You are dedicated to wholesome, natural ingredients - or want to be. These ingredients have so much potential in the deft hands of a capable chef.

You are undergoing dialysis treatment and need a healthy renal failure food plan that supports you.

You have no time to shop, cook and portion your meals.

You expect your low potassium diet plan to alleviate symptoms, make it easy to eat good food and improve health.

You are looking to improve your nutrition and expect abundant variety that makes it easy to keep your low phosphorous diet on track.

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How Your Healthy Dialysis Meals Are Made

Your New York City dialysis diet plan is prepared with portion control and precision preparation in mind.
We would like to walk you through a three step process of how your food is prepared for you.

1st - We start with sourcing the freshest, highest quality ingredients from the growers. We have streamlined the farm-to-fork supply chain using our own refrigerated trucks (see picture). This enables us to give you the freshest ingredients and eliminates middle man markups. Passing the savings and freshest quality on to you.

2nd - Your meals are hand-crafted by expert chef's and nutritionists in our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen. We adhere to strict sanitizing and quality control standards to ensure food safety and quality.

3rd - Your healthy and tasty dialysis meals are carefully portioned, plated and packaged and are delivered to your door with dry ice, gel packs and other packaging materials to make sure your meals arrive to your door in optimal conditions. The end result, is a tasty dialysis meal plan delivered to your door that has low potassium meals, low phosphorous meals and low sodium meals all in one!

Precision Dialysis Meal Delivery Service

Picture of our state-of-the art facility where your dialysis meals are prepared with care.

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Our corporate headquarters at 7433 Greenback ln, Citrus Height CA. Our friendly staff or on-staff dietitians are happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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