This hospital meal food delivery company uses fresh ingredients

hospital meal Service:

Our hospital meal company specializes in pre-made, portioned and pre-cooked meals including entrees, sides and snacks. We offer end-to-end solution that encompass ingredient sourcing, meal cooking, product packaging, order fulfillment and more. We focus on making a very high quality product that suits your needs.

Our hospital meal company specializes in quality and presentation.

Our hospital meal company uses a new packaging technique for better presentation and longer shelf life.

  • High End Presentation

    The black trays along with our special transparency film allow for the texture of the food to show through the packaging. This solution has a welded seal for on the flange of the container for safe transport and product integrity but comes with an easy peel corner. Customers have the option of adding a cardboard box with a product window for a retail merchandising display cabinet.

  • Longer Shelf Life

    Being on the cutting edge of food science and heavily investing in food packaging gives our hospital meal company the ability to package meals by removing air to increase product shelf life. Your fresh and tasty meals are made with no preservatives and can last twice as long as other food packaging methods while retaining quality and freshness. Our high barrier film holds the seal, responds better to thermal changes and keeps food fresh.

  • Microwavable and Oven Safe

    This hospital meal service provides you with high quality packaging that is suited for a number of applications. The qualities of the food container make it easy for the user to freeze or heat the meals in the microwave or oven. (Oven-safe for up to 30min at 350 degrees).

  • Flexible hospital meal For Dietary Restrictions

    Our offerings accommodate a wide range of dietary needs including Paleo, Low Sodium, Keto, Vegan and many more. Contact our expert team to discuss your needs and find a solution.

hospital meal Options We Offer

MealPro provides you the best capabilities and experts that you can trust. With 10+ prep lines and high automation consumer packaged good machines we dedicate our time and effort making sure your business stands out. End-to-End solutions and limitless possibilities make us a primary foundation for you. We execute what you envision. See some of our food service hospital meal company solutions:

hospital meal Meals

MealPro specializes in packaged goods

We specialize in hospital meal entrees, snacks and sides. Your healthy and tasty food is placed in high-end food containers with a high barrier film to retain freshness.

Display Packaging

MealPro Meals Can Be Customized with No Veggie

Request an optional case with a product window showcasing the food. This makes for great presentation and is an optional add-on for product display cases or merchandising applications.

Nutrition Label Creation

MealPro Meals Can Be Customized With Extra Veggie

Our hospital meal company has on-staff nutritionists and expertise in producing compliant nutrition labels. The labels include nutrition and allergen information.

Thermal Supply Chain

MealPro Meals Can Be Customized With Extra Carb

In addition to cooking and packaging allow us to help with food delivery. We can distribute locally or nationwide depending on what suits your needs. You envision. We execute.

hospital meal Ingredient Sourcing, Procurement and Preparation:

MealPro is a hospital meal food service company that sources the freshest and highest quality ingredients straight from the farm and prepares meals using cooking methods optimal for nutrient retention. We have streamlined the farm-to-fork supply chain, making our hospital meal company vertically-integrated. This means we eliminate middle-man markups and pass the savings on to you.

MealPro sources hospital meal the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

In the picture one of our food hospital meal service associates is using a automated dicer to chop potatoes and prepare fresh meals.

  • Farm to Table Food Service Experience

    MealPro is vertically integrated food service company. We source directly from farmers, keeping the supply chain short and eliminating middleman markup. Also, when the supply chain has fewer links, communication flows faster between channels and creates a more responsive service.

  • Food Cooked by an Expert Culinary Team

    Our talented team of professional chefs put together a changing menu of entrees and sides inspired by seasonal varieties and 100% natural flavors. Our expert culinary team cooks from scratch with whole foods — we let the natural flavors of our fresh veggies, zingy herbs, and natural spices do the talking.

  • Allergen and Special Diet Conscious

    MealPro's hospital meal service understands allergy sensitivity and dietary restrictions. This is why we have a team of on-staff nutritionists, special procedures and a plethora of menu options to satisfy the cravings of everyone by providing a plethora of options.

Capabilities In hospital meal Service:

MealPro is a vertically integrated food service company that provides you the best capabilities and experts that you can trust. This hospital meal food service company that offers end-to-end solutions and limitless possibilities make us a primary foundation for you:

This customizable hospital meal service lets you adjust the nutrition in your meals to your needs.


From a refrigerated 26 ton vehicle to a delivery parcel van we have a wide range of vehicle for different applications and food supply needs.

Your tasty hospital meal are Carefully Portioned


With a set of machines capable of modified atmospheric packaging, vacuum sealing, shrink wrapping we obtain longer shelf life and more professional presentation of packaged food products. Our food service company has one of the lowest volume requirements for packaged goods.

This national hospital meal startup delivers to your home or work  nationwide


The centralized hub of this food service company is equipped and designed with volume storage and material handling equipment for efficient distribution and fulfillment.

Your easy hospital meal startup delivers meals that just need to be heated and served


Looking for a private label meal prep company? Our food service facility offers co-branding meal prep. We source, produce, and can also do product fulfillment including direct customer distribution.

On the digital side, our website user interface was created to interface with other applications and for friendly user experience.

Your easy hospital meal startup delivers meals that just need to be heated and served


Our food service company can be a full scale solution for manufacturing, order pulling, packaging and national distribution.

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  • Choose meals from existing menu.
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  • Choose meals from menu or provide recipe.
  • MealPro cooks and plates all meals.
  • MealPro fulfills directly, delivers or you can pick up.

  • Optionals:

  • Nutrition label creation.
  • Your branding on packaging.
  • Retail & merchandising display.
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About This hospital meal Food Service Company

MealPro is a vertically integrated food service company. We curate every aspect of the food supply chain from ingredient sourcing to cooking and packaging. This gives us more control over quality and allows customer feedback to flow faster between departments.

Also, sourcing of both packaging and ingredients through our in-house procurement team that manages relationships straight from the source. The paper packaging, cardboard corrugated and meal prep containers are acquired through the producer and we source the freshest and highest quality local ingredients from farmers. This eliminates middleman markup and we pass the savings on to you.

Each business customer has access to a dedicated customer success manager who embodies our unwavering values of commitment to quality and service.

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